Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Best road trip ever?

In today's Free Press column, I seek out Minnesota State's best road weekend. I limited my search to the 17+ seasons (!) I've been covering the team, so since 2000-01.

Looking back over the seasons, I discovered there haven't been a lot of road sweeps. No wonder coaches can be thrilled by road splits and ecstatic about three-point weekends away from home.

The ones I did choose (five, plus this past weekend's sweep over then-No. 2-ranked Boston University) had some significance to them, based on opponent and/or impact on the Mavericks' season that year. What am I missing?

Give the column a read here and come back to the blog and add your thoughts. What about pre-2000?


MSU84grad said...

Shane -- I'd rank the Nov. 21-22, 2014 at Michigan Tech as #1 and the past weekend at BU as #2.

#1 -- Michigan Tech 2014:
1. Tech ranked #1 and 10 games into the season.
2. Stands were packed and loud, especially students, and Tech band literally goes non-stop.
3. Willy was at his best.
4. Long bus ride to and from (including heavy snow homeward).

#2 -- BU 2017:
1. #2 ranked team earlier in season.
2. Stands were 75% occupied. Beautiful arena, not as intimate and loud as Tech.
3. Tremendous play by Mavs offensively and defensively.
4. Air travel, beautiful Fall weather.

Both were fabulous experiences for this Mav Fan! Awesome to see the large contingent in Boston.

Hockey25 said...

If I remember correctly Michael Dorr scored with under 30 seconds left in MSU's opening game in the Shillelagh Tournament against Notre Dame. With the tournament being played over New Year's weekend, there was not a very big draw. I must say, this is the only time I have ever seen the Mavericks take both games on a road trip.

Shane, why was the Shillelagh Tournament played in Hoffman Estates and not South Bend?