Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy returns

In case you missed it, here's my story on the decision by C.J. Franklin and Daniel Brickley to return to school next season and a bit of a look ahead at next season's Minnesota State team, which has a chance to be very good. In the previous post, I listed the WCHA's top scorers from last season, noting who will be back and who won't. Here are similar lists of defensemen (by scoring) and goaltenders (by save percentage, then goals-against average) as they currently stand:

1. Daniel Brickley, MSU, 31 points
2. Shane Hanna, MTU, 27
3. Mark Friedman, BG, 26
3. Matt Roy, MTU, 26
5. Ian Scheid, MSU, 24
5. Sean Walker, BG, 24
7. Mark Auk, MTU, 23
8. Alec Rauhauser, BG, 22
9. Brock Maschmeyer, NMU, 21
10. Joe Rutkowski, FSU, 20
10. Zach Frye, UAF, 20
10. Mitch Reinke, MTU, 20

1. Michael Bitzer, BSU, .932, 1.71
2. Justin Kapelmaster, FSU, .930, 2.22
3. Jason Pawloski, MSU, .920, 2.10
4. Atte Tolvanen, NMU, .918, 2.64
5. Angus Redmond, MTU, .917, 1.85
6. Chris Nell, BG, .916, 2.15
7. Olivier Mantha, UAA, .913, 2.82
8. Davis Jones, UAF, .912, 2.72
9. Jordan Uhelski, UAH, .906, 2.78
10. Gordon Defiel, LSSU, .904, 3.01
11. Darren Smith, FSU, .902, 2.96
12. Cole Huggins, MSU, .902, 2.29
13. Jesse Jenks, UAF, .888, 3.33


puckluck said...

That's really good news, Shane. This past season was a good one for the Mavs, just not a great one. I think we MSU fans now have much higher expectations and getting to the NCAA tourney has become the measure of truly successful year. The talent returning this fall looks fantastic, and if the incoming freshmen can contribute it really could be a great season. Have a great summer everyone!

puckluck said...

One other thing: I was remiss not to thank you for the in-depth coverage you provide on this site. I wish to correct that now by saying thanks for all you do...its so much appreciated and gives all of us a better sense of the Mavs and the WCHA in general, plus all of the inside things that don't always make the headlines. Please keep up the great work, Shane. We'd be lost without you.