Saturday, April 1, 2017

Franklin, Brickley staying

It's early departure season, and all around college hockey, players are opting to forgo remaining eligibility to sign pro contracts.

Minnesota State's two biggest flight risks, C.J. Franklin and Daniel Brickley, however, say they're coming back to school next season. Both say their college degrees are important to them, and they'll be returning to what should be a pretty good team.

You can read more about their decision in my Sunday Free Press story, which should post online Saturday night. Stay tuned.

Franklin, a Winnipeg Jets draft pick who just completed his junior season, and Brickley, a highly touted undrafted free agent who just finished his sophomore year, are bucking trends even in their own league.

Several top WCHA players already have signed, most recently Michigan Tech freshman goaltender Angus Redmond, who agreed to a deal with the Anaheim Ducks on Friday.

Others includes Tech defenseman Matt Roy; Bowling Green defenseman Mark Friedman and Falcons goaltender Chris Nell; Lake Superior State forward Mitch Hults and Lakers defenseman Kristofers Bindulis; and Alaska Anchorage forward Mason Mitchell.

Roy, like Brickley, was a First Team All-WCHA selection this season, and Hults, like Franklin, was a Second Team pick. Friedman was on the Third Team, and Redmond was All-Rookie.

Here are the WCHA's top 20 scorers from this past season. Returners are highlighted. Graduates are struck through. Early departures are struck through and red.

1. Marc Michaelis, MSU, 36 points
2. Gerald Mayhew, FSU, 35
3. Mitch Hults, LSSU, 34
4. Mitchell McLain, BG, 33
5. Daniel Brickley, MSU, 31
5. C.J. Franklin, MSU, 31
7. Dominik Shine, NMU, 30
7. J.T. Henke, LSSU, 30
7. Kevin Dufour, BG, 30
7. Tyler Spezia, BG, 30
11. Robbie Payne, NMU, 29
11. Phillip Marinaccio, BSU, 29
13. Brad McClure, MSU, 28
13. Joel L'Esperance, MTU, 28
15. Shane Hanna, MTU, 27
16. Corey Mackin, FSU, 26
16. Gerry Fitzgerald, BSU, 26
16. Gerard, Hanson, NMU, 26
16. Mark Friedman, BG, 26
16. Matt Roy, MTU, 26

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Hockey25 said...

Any word who the Mavericks will play in non-conference games next season? Hastings mentioned that they are going out East to play Boston University & will play Minnesota as well. Just curious who the other 4 games will be against.