Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nelson starts strong

The Associated Press
Got a chance to check out Casey Nelson (34 in the photo) playing on national television last night as his Buffalo Sabres played at the Detroit Red Wings. Detroit won 3-2 and was up 3-0 before a furious rally by Buffalo. Nelson was involved in much of that rally, assisting on both goals one of the goals (he was originally awarded an assist on the first goal) and being put on the ice in the Sabres' attempt to tie the game in the final minute. He looked comfortable and poised (especially on the pass that set up Buffalo's second goal) and ended up playing nearly 14 minutes and was plus-2.

For more on Nelson, read my column in today's Free Press.

The rule of thumb for players leaving college early is: Are they ready to play in the NHL, as opposed to the minor leagues. If so, go. If you're AHL-bound then stay in school. Two games is a small sample size, but Nelson appears to have made the right choice.

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Thomas Nelson said...

Nice article Shane. You do an outstanding job of covering the Mavs. Thank you for your carefully chosen words understanding that these are student athletes.