Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jutting out at Omaha

Omaha went to the Frozen Four last season and was 14-3-1 at Christmas break this year. However, the Mavericks lost 14 of their next 18 games, including their final eight, and didn't make the NCAA tournament.

That prompted on Wednesday coach Dean Blais' announcement that he was making changes to his coaching staff, firing both of his assistants. One of those was former Minnesota State coach Troy Jutting. Jutting was on the Omaha for the last four seasons, following his 12-year head-coaching stint (and 22 years total on the coaching staff) at MSU. Alex Todd, who was part of the UNO staff for the last three years, was also let go.

“Given the difficult end to our season, we took a hard look at our team and how we support the players as a staff,” Blais said in the press release linked above.“In the end, I decided that this was one area where we needed to improve to stay competitive in the NCHC.

“I want to thank Troy and Alex for their work on behalf of Maverick hockey. We’ll immediately begin to look for the best candidates to fill the assistant coach positions.”

It will be interesting to see where Jutting ends up in the hockey world after this.

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