Saturday, October 31, 2015

Alaska's Morley suspended for tonight

The WCHA suspended Alaska forward Tyler Morley for tonight's game at Minnesota State for his hit to the head of Jimmy Mullin late in Friday night's game. It's just a one-game suspension.

The hit was not penalized on the ice, even though it was interference at the least and a major/disqualification at worst.

According to a league press release, "Morley’s suspension is a result of a play at the 3:13 mark of the third period of Alaska’s game of Friday, Oct. 30 at Minnesota State, in which Morley made a blindside hit with contact to the head of a Mavericks’ player."

You can see it here:

The WCHA also suspended Alabama Huntsville's Brennan Saulnier for tonight's game at Lake Superior State because of "a play just under the 4:00 mark of the third period of Alabama Huntsville’s game of Friday, Oct. 30 at Lake Superior State, in which Saulnier made a contact hit to the head of a Lakers’ player."

Looking at the box score from that game, that hit, too, was not penalized. However, earlier in the game Saulnier received 5 minutes for roughing and a 10-minute misconduct — after scoring two goals, by the way.

The Morley hit on Mullin came while the Nanooks were short-handed, killing a 5-minute major/game misconduct to Josh Atkinson, who had hit Bryce Gervais in the head, possibly with his stick. Atkinson was not suspended. Both hits came in the game's final 3:05 when it was a 5-2 game and the Nanooks had been limited to one shot on goal in the period.

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MSU Grad 97 said...

How about some type of punishment for the refs on this? They should have at least some mandatory trainings on contact to the head and interference penalties as they seem quite clueless on this over and over. Good thing the new video board is now in place. Now there is now some type of referee accountability at the moment of issue.