Saturday, March 21, 2015

Backes, Carter following alma mater

The Minnesota Wild hosted the St. Louis Blues on Saturday afternoon, prior to Minnesota State's Final Five championship game against Michigan Tech, and a couple of MSU alums got a chance to brag about their alma mater — something both have been doing throughout the season.

"They give me ribbing rights in the locker room," said the Wild's Ryan Carter, who is close to returning from injury.
Said the Blues' David Backes after the game: "Having bragging rights all year has been pretty fantastic."

Neither player got to play in a Final Five while with the Mavericks, something Backes was quick to remind folks.
"I never sniffed a Final Five, and they’re a No. 1 seed," he said. "They’re staying in the St. Paul Hotel. I was kind of mad. I was talking to (assistant coach Darren Blue), saying, ‘We never stayed in the St. Paul Hotel.’ And he said, ‘We were never the No. 1 seed for the Final Five.’ All things in perspective, it’s pretty cool to see them here."

Carter, who was wearing a purple tie in honor of his college team, watched the Mavericks play in the North Star College Cup in January and watched Friday's victory over Ferris State. Backes watched some of MSU's Friday morning skate.
Both are impressed with what they've seen.
"They work hard," Carter said. "It seems like they play an honest game. And it’s not like they’re underskilled and have to play that way. They wear teams down with their work ethic."

Said Backes: "Wishing them the best. Hopefully they can win another Broadmoor (Trophy) and get a good seed and break that egg at the national tournament and get a few wins there and see what happens."

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