Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New rink floor goes in

The Verizon Wireless Center hockey rink has been undergoing a transformation this summer, with an updated ice-making system and new floor. The rink itself will be narrower, around 200 feet by 90 feet (it had been an Olympic 200x100), and there will be new boards, glass and benches, along with new seats for spectators. Now if they can just get that jumbotron ...

Free Press photographer Pat Christman stopped by the arena on Tuesday morning, and here are his pictures from the big concrete pour that was taking place:

According to Christman, 300 yards of concrete were poured over the ice-making system. It will take 28 days to cure. The work is part of a $1.4 million project.



Any updates as to what last years seniors are doing with hockey?

Eric Burton said...

That's awesome that they got rid of the Olypic sheet.