Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hoping for a crowd

Minnesota State's last game, against Minnesota, drew a crowd of 5,134. The final home series of the season, against North Dakota on March 8-9, ought to bring in a bunch of people. What about this weekend against Michigan Tech?

It's a crucial series between a pair of teams that will continue to be conference rivals after this season, and Mavericks coach Mike Hastings is hoping the fans appreciate that.

"The student body can be a difference-maker," he said, "and I've been witness to what the Verizon Wireless Center can become. We need that place to be full."

As of Wednesday afternoon, about 100 free student tickets remained for each game. There are 1,100 free tickets for MSU students, but once those are gone, students can purchase tickets at a discounted price. For this series, those tickets are $8.

Minnesota State has averaged, 3,606 fans this season, a bump of about 400 per game from last year.

The ninth-ranked Mavericks are coming off a sweep at Minnesota Duluth and are tied for fifth place in the WCHA standings. The top six spots earn home ice for the first round of the league playoffs.

UPDATE: Minnesota State announced late Wednesday afternoon that an additional 200 student tickets will be made available for the games. They will be distributed from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday


Hagar said...

I guess a bump of 400 fans per game is a decent increase for one year. My biggest pet peeve is always seeing so many empty seats from the season ticket holders. Let's hope that they all can show up this weekend or at least give their tickets to people who will actually go.

Nathan Tish said...

My biggest peeve amongst fanbase this year has been the student section. They need to learn how to motivate.

However, I was up in Duluth last weekend -- and their own students (who have a great reputation) emptied out of there as fast as anything I've seen in Mankato. Perhaps I'm setting the bar unreasonably high?!?

I'd sure like to see our students as rowdy as they are in many other WCHA venues.

Shane, the Mavs' chemistry and creativity must rival any team in the country at the moment... Any idea if there may be a highlight reel from last weekend's games?

MavsFan said...

The students tell me that civic center security personnel won't let thm "get rowdy."

MavsFan said...

In addition, a couple of the colleges in the university have changed their scheduling so that there are no classes on Friday. As a result, we're slipping back into the trend of students leaving town on Thursday instead of staying on campus for the weekend. I'm convinced that's hurting attendance.