Saturday, November 3, 2012

Minnesota State vs. Minnesota — Game 2

Lines are posted below the live chat. The same players are in the lineup for the Mavs but the lines have been shuffled a bit. Just one change for Minnesota, with Ryan Reilly at C on the fourth line ...

24-Knowles      29-LaFontaine    25-Hayes
21-Grant           18-Leitner           19-Lehrke
9-Gervais          23-Blueger          22-McInnis
26-Margonari    29-Zuck              8-Gaede

16-Elbrecht       2-Nelson
7-Palmquist       4-Buchanan
27-Stern            28-Jutzi


Scratches: Burkemper (inj.), Herndon, Knoll (inj.), Leivermann, Mosey, Thauwald

7-Rau               27-Bjugstad         24-Budish
16-Condon       19-Haula             26-Isackson
10-Marshall      22-Boyd              17-Ambroz
14-Serratore      9-R. Reilly          12-Holl

6-Parenteau       29-Schmidt
5-M. Reilly       20-Alt
4-Helgeson       2-Skjei


Referees: Don Adam, Timm Walsh. Linesmen: Sam Shikowsy, Nick Bradshaw

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MSU Grad 97 said...

That was great! Please, please, please keep the band coming! The game was outstanding, and it was awesome to hear the band playing once again. However, they can slow down the fight song a little bit as they were flying through it at times. I always enjoy the extended Rouser with the drum solo at the end. They need to change the lyrics back to the K-A-T-O instead of M-A-V-S, though, as it is kind of redundant when you end with MAVERICKS, MAVERICKS, Go State! Could they bring them back for the basketball and football games, too? I really liked where they put them in the arena so that part didn't look so empty as well, and the Bobber Hut was a decent addition as well. Let's find more excuses to bring the band out, put up some banners from their D II and III days like Bemidji did in their new arena, and really turn that place into a great MSU atmosphere.