Friday, October 12, 2012

Minnesota State at Alabama Huntsville

Check the @puckato Twitter feed for updates on tonight's game. There will also be a recap on the blog later tonight. ... Here are tonight's MSU lines:

21-Grant              18-Leitner         9-Gervais
12-LaFontaine     19-Lehrke         25-Hayes
15-Burkemper      23-Blueger       22-McInnis
8-Gaede               24-Knowles      11-Leivermann

16-Elbrecht          17-Mosey
27-Stern               7-Palmquist
28-Jutzi                2-Nelson


Scratches on trip: Thauwald, Buchanan
Back in Kato: Herndon, Karambelas, Knoll (inj.), Margonari (inj.), Zuck (inj.)


hockeyfan said...

Really wanted to see Margonari play, seems like he is going to be a fun player to watch. Hope he and Zuck are back soon. We don't need to start the injury train up again. Good luck tonight Mavs.

hockeyfan said...

Shane can't you watch on America One ( old b2 )?.