Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New rules — hands off

The NCAA announced on Wednesday that the Playing Rules Oversight Panel earlier this month approved the new rules proposals for hockey. The rules include making all hand passes illegal. Previously, hand passes were allowed in the defensive zone.

Any hand pass will cause a stoppage in play, and a faceoff will take place in the offending team's defensive zone. If a team commits a hand pass in its own end, it will not be allowed to make a line change during the stoppage.

Other rules include:

• Allowing some displacement of the goal post as long as the posts say in contact with the pegs or pins. A goal can be allowed in that situation if the posts are displaced by a defending player and if the referee determines that the puck would have entered the net during the play regardless of the posts' positions.

• A puck that ricochets into the net off an attacking player's skate will be allowed, unless it's determined that the puck was intentionally kicked. This rule seems to get tweaked one way or another every two years, but, according to the NCAA, the rules committee "believes this clarification removes any judgment or doubt for on-ice officials." We'll see.

• Conferences will be allowed to play 4 on 4 during overtime, similar to what the NHL does during the regulars season, if they choose.

• The two-referee, two-linesman system will be mandatory for men's hockey starting in 2013-14. The WCHA currently uses that system.

• Goal judges will be recommended but not required for NCAA games.

What do you think?

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MSU Grad 97 said...

Could someone let all the officials in the league know that these are the rules for ALL teams starting next year? They seem to forget an awful lot in the WCHA - for example, watch that first MSU/CC game last year. Maybe they'll all go to the other conferences so we can get some new blood in there. Can't be any worse, plus imagine the Shepards' confusion if their favorites are no longer in the conference after next year. That is going to be fun!