Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alumns (living) in town

R.J. Linder
I was thinking about Monday's blog post with video of Shane Joseph and Tim Jackman, along with today's Free Press column, which also mentioned Brad Thompson and Aaron Fox, who also participated in the Dan Meyer Golf Classic (*).

I called them out-of-town hockey alumni because there are others who continue to live in the area. That group includes Ken Essay, Chris Hvinden and Des Christopher, who were in a foursome with Mankato resident/West boys hockey coach/Minnesota Duluth hockey alum Curtis Doell. And I'd be remiss to forget Mavericks assistant coach Darren Blue and former head coach Troy Jutting.

It also now includes R.J. Linder, who now makes his home in the Mankato area, working in sales and marketing for Volk Transfer. Matt Tyree lives in St. Peter and does quite a bit of hockey officiating, including in the American Hockey League and other pro leagues (**). Both Linder and Tyree participated in the golf outing as well.

* I was told Monday that the Dan Meyer Golf Classic, a fundraiser for the MSU Blue Line Club, had a record turnout with 38 foursomes, as well as a big jump in sponsors. Surely this is a reaction to the hiring of Mike Hastings. While officials didn't have exact numbers, they said season-ticket sales are also up.

** Another former Maverick making his way through the professional officiating ranks is Jake Brenk, who is working as a linesman in the AHL and ECHL.

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Paul Allan & Scott Nelsen said...

Amongst the younger group is James Gaulrapp in Eagle Lake. Older group includes Mike Carroll and Mike Wallace.