Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MSU attendance figures

Here are Minnesota State's home attendance figures since moving into the Verizon Wireless Center, according to MSU's season-ending wrap-up press release. By the way, the Mavericks are 153-106-41 all-time at their home rink. ...
1996-97 was Minnesota State's first year of Division I hockey;
1999-2000 was MSU's first year in the WCHA;
2000-01 was Troy Jutting's first season as head coach;
MSU hosted WCHA playoff series in '99-00, '02-03, '07-08
It's worth noting that the Mavericks did not host big draws Minnesota or North Dakota in 2011-12. They also had three home series in a row during a time when the students were away from campus for either Thanksgiving break or semester break. However, the figure of 3,228 represents tickets sold for games and didn't account for no-shows among season-ticket holders.


hockeyfan said...

Shane why doesn't somebody ever ask the obvious? How much of the fall in tickets is due to a worsening economy especially over the last three years? How many families are dealing with unemployment, higher gas prices rapidly rising food prices? My quess is that the economy has more to do with loss of ticket sales than the coaching or the win loss record.

Nathan Tish said...

I think the economy might have some impact on the overall attendance, but the results on-ice were positively a factor.

While I re-upped on season tickets again this year, I happen to know a handful of people who did not re-up their own season tickets. I won't go into specifics, but it was not the economy that steered them away.

In addition to that aspect is the studen section, or lack thereof. I have never seen such an empty student section. It was disappointing, and something needs to be done to get students more involved again. Yes, as Shane pointed out that several home games took place during times when students were not on campus - But again, it was not a matter of a struggling economy that resulted in those seats being empty this year.

rlpeterson91784 said...

Personally, my husband and I contacted MSU to see about a Friday-nights ticket package or a Saturday-nights package (half pack). They indicated that it is all or nothing - you either get the whole season or buy each game individually. I was shocked that they would turn down guaranteed ticket sales like that. We declined the full package due to finances and did not even attend every Friday game as planned. MSU lost out on these tickets and I wonder how many other people are looking for a "creative" ticket package... Just seems silly not to try to accommodate.

hockeyfan said...

I agree about the student section. First I would like to see a pep band. If MSU doesn't have one then invite different high schools. Second maybe have free shuttles from campus. They sound like they know the facility needs upgrading and Shane showed some great pics of other rinks. A professional apparel store would be great. Better food a must. I agree with rlpeterson that partial game packs are a must and honestly am shocked they don't offer them. Also I would consider closing the upper bowl until the bottom is full and then open up the top by a section at a time as needed. It would make it feel more exciting. Shane can MSU make any kind of formal complaint with NCAA about the schedule falling on basketball games and weekends that students are not there?

DancingHockeyPuck said...

The economy has little to do with the ticket prices. I myself think the tickets are far over priced, but they were when we were averaging 4600 per game too. The lack of attendance at these games is because of lack of interest in the community. People have other things going on including many maverick hockey fans toting around their kids on weekends and when a program is this stale and the performance on the ice is this poor it moves far down your priority list. I work and am in the Mankato hockey community constantly and the interest and "buzz" over the MSU hockey team has just completely died. Not only are people not going to the games but before news of this magnitude people weren't even talking about the team.

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