Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Jutting reaction

During today's media session at the Frozen Four, Gophers coach Don Lucia was asked about Troy Jutting's reassignment. Here's what he said (from the press conference transcript):
Q. Have you spoken to Troy Jutting at all and any reaction to his being removed in his coaching duties at Minnesota State?
COACH LUCIA: Actually, when I found out, I think Paul texted me Sunday night. I texted him right away that night. And he appreciated that. And he said: You got more important things to worry about than me.
And I said I texted him back, I said: Nothing's more important than friends and family.
And I've always liked Troy and gotten along very well with him. I feel bad for him because they had a year where they got devastated by injuries the first half of the season.
They have a lot of good young players, and I think their top scorers are all freshmen and things are set up to have a pretty darned good year. And I think you'll see them have a bounceback year similar to what they had at Tech because they had the same thing happen with the injuries and a lot of good freshmen that were going to become sophomores.
So it's part of what we do. I think we all understand that, that you coach long enough, very few get to leave on their own terms in not just hockey, but any sport, pro, college, whatever, it's just the nature of what we do.
Also, St. Cloud Times hockey writer Mick Hatten asked St. Cloud State coach Bob Motzko about it. Here's what he said:
"He's a good friend of all of ours. I've known Troy for many, many years and we're good friends," Motzko said. "The truth is that Mankato's had a couple tough years, but they were  also hit by the injury bug. This (Mavericks) team has got a chance to be very, very strong next year. That's a team on the upswing. Doug Woog's theory was that at any given moment you're either a program that's going up or down. There's a program that's going to go up fast."


BIGhkyfan said...

Please Shane. Enough already. He has been reassigned, so let it go.
In the real world when you do not do your job properly, you are fired. He has been reassigned to protect his contract of $200,000 salary PLUS benefits. Not to mention his future pension!

He is gone as the coach, so let it go please.

What you and MSU have failed to address is the men's hockey program as it stands today. Hockey aside, the support systems around this program were also failing. Look at the hockey wedpage. Highlights and podcasts became fewer from 09/10 to were 11/12 had a whopping 2 videos. That's a form of marketing that MSU could not manage inhouse.

So, cleaning house with this program is fine, if the people doing the cleaning don't use a feather duster.

The Head Coach was the start, but not the Asst Coach? He had as much imput with this team, but he stays? It is not fare to the new incoming Head Coach that he would be the one to release Blue or Knott. Very weak by the AD. The same guy who is going to turn things around.

Those players give their all for MSU and us fans. This situation is more reason for the press and fans to ralley around this team and come out to show support. The players deserve more respect from MSU staff who let this situation snowball to where it is, rather than stepping in sooner. And fans need to support these players as well.


Shane Frederick said...

Those two quotes were offered as reaction to Jutting's reassignment by WCHA coaches. And without commentary. Nothing more, nothing less. I think it's relevant in my coverage to find those items and post them on the blog. It's relevant that someone in Florida today, the day before the Frozen Four, asked Don Lucia about Troy Jutting, and Lucia responded. I thought it was interesting. That is all.

MSUMaverickFan said...

Troy was given, and deserves every bit of this "honorable" discharge. When a man gives 25 years of his time and energy to a program, his exit shouldn't be deemphasized. Whether it was poor attendance or on-ice performance it surely wasn't for lack of effort on Troy's part. It's no surprise, the outpour of kind words and support, from both colleagues and fellow coaches.

Jutting led teams had built a consistent reputation. Hard working and gritty, a team that you would have to match in intensity. For a once fledgling program, it was a good reputation to have. Due in part to Troy's body of work, I think MSU now stands to attract a coach with perhaps better coaching pedigree.

I am 100% on board with this decision, and commend the administration for making it. Coaching changes are a necessary evil, and in recent years, the apathy surrounding the team increased the need for change.

Thanks to Troy for the memories, I wish him all the best in the future, which I hope includes, at least in some facet, hockey in this community. I look forward to greeting a fresh face, with new ideas, to usher in a new era of Maverick hockey. Go Mavs!

Dave said...

BIGhkyfan, Jutting was going to get paid that money regardless since it was a contract, might as well put him to work rather than pay a guy to sit at home. Let's face it there is no more a great ambassador for MSU and the city of Mankato than Troy Jutting.

As far as Shane needing to let go of this, I don't think he is dragging this out on how much this is affecting Mav hockey...he is just reporting reaction from around the league which is pretty relevant.