Friday, February 17, 2012

MSU vs. UMD — Game 1 live blog

Lines are posted below the live chat ...

23-Dorr     19-Lehrke     8-Gaede
12-LaFontaine     18-Leitner     25-Hayes
22-McInnis     26-Schiller     14-Jokinen
24-Mueller     29-Zuck     9-Louwerse

16-Elbrecht     27-Stern
7-Palmquist     3-Cooper
17-Mosey     10-Knoll


Scratches: Burkemper, Grant, Heath, Leivermann, Nelson, Thauwald

14-Flaherty     12-Connolly     17-Seidel
21-Herbert     11-Oleksuk     18-Basaraba
26-Krause     15-Hendrickson     27-Grun
10-DeLisle     19-Tardy     25-Crandall

28-Bergman     2-Lamb
5-Casto     16-Smith
8-Olson     6-Kishel


Referees: Brad Shepherd, Todd Anderson. Linesmen: Rick Nelson, Sterling Egan

1 comment:

MSU Grad 97 said...

Make the last game a good one for the fans that come out, and play smart. Two very soft goals and a really dumb and obvious major and game misconduct are not the way to get people motivated to come and see you. Also, you may want to find a way to avoid their sticks with passes once in a while.

I would love to see the VWC filled up next year, a good-looking renovated arena, and a winning team that looks engaged all the time on the ice. Let's hope there is hope for that next year and the years to come. And to think, we won't even have to have the stupid NoDaker No-Classers here after next year (please make this dream a reality even if it costs you a little money; don't let the What's Their Name This Week back in Mankato! Denver for that matter, too!)