Thursday, February 2, 2012

Get the T-shirt!

Whenever I go  to cover Minnesota State games at Ralph Engelstad Arena in North Dakota, I usually take a stroll through the building's very nice team shop. They have a wide variety of jerseys, T-shirts, hoodies and other souvenirs.

One popular item there is an NHL T-shirt of a former UND player. The front has the  team logo, and the back has the name and number — the Devils' Zach Parise, the Blues' T.J. Oshie, etc.

Every time I see those shirts, I think, "Why doesn't MSU and the Verizon Wireless Center sell David Backes T-shirts?" Why not the Flames' Tim Jackman? I think they would be quite popular.

I figured it must be difficult to get those to sell in the team shop. No biggie, right? (Although it would have made a great Christmas present for my kid!)

But then I went to Bemidji this weekend and stopped by the Sanford Center's very nice team stor and saw Matt Read Flyers T-shirts for sale. And people were wearing them all over the arena. Matt Read! Read is a rookie (signed undrafted out of Bemidji State last spring) and having an outstanding season, even participating in All-Star weekend.

The point is this: If Bemidji found a way to get Matt Read T-shirts already, there's no reason MSU couldn't be selling tees representing its alumni. Backes is the Blues captain, a one-time All-Star and an Olympian in the midst of an outstanding NHL career.

Speaking of Backes, he didn't make the All-Star Game this year, but he sure did some good things over his break.


crossjcek said...

This would take effort from someone in the MSU admin.

CCFC said...

It has nothing to do with MSU admins, it has everything to do with Barnes and Noble and the MSU Bookstore, they pick out the worst looking shirts and logos. I love wearing MSU gear and do every time I go to a game. I always am looking for something new to buy and every time I see the stand at Verizon Wireless Center I get sad because there is never anything worth a darn.