Friday, January 20, 2012

Omaha 2, MSU 1 (OT) ... updated

Pat Christman/The Free Press
Freddy's three thoughts of the game ...

1. Sobering ending: Firstly, everyone's thoughts have to be with Omaha goalie Ryan Massa, who was knocked out of the game in the first minute of overtime. Massa had to be taken out of the rink on a stretcher after MSU's Evan Mosey crashed into him on the rebound of a good scoring chance. Mosey and an Omaha defender raced for the loose puck, and Mosey appeared to hit Massa in the head. It didn't appear to be a dirty play; there was hardly any retaliatory reaction by Omaha players after the collision. Massa lay prone on the ice for several minutes and was tended to by paramedics, trainers and doctors for about 15 minutes before play resumed. Omaha coach Dean Blais was not available after the game, however, a couple of sources, including WCHA commissioner Bruce McLeod, who was in attendance, said Massa was moving. It is presumed Massa was taken to the hospital.

UPDATE: Here is a good-news Tweet from Ryan Massa from late Friday night/early Saturday morning: Glad to be back in my room with @JSearfoss23. Thank you everyone for the wishes and support tonight. Great OT win for the #mavs thanks boys!

2. Penalty problem: The purple Mavericks were called for seven penalties. Eriah Hayes was even benched for the end of the second period for taking his third, the second that negated an MSU power play. Minnesota State killed them all — with the brilliant Phil Cook making 16 of his 35 saves during UNO power-play time — until Adam Mueller's slashing penalty in overtime. With Mueller in the box, Omaha defenseman Bryce Aneloski fired a shot from the high slot that deflected in of a defenseman's stick and won the game for the red Mavericks. Massa finished with 39 saves, but Dayn Belfour, who made one save in relief, got the victory.

3. Back in the scoring column: After being held without a point for three games, MSU freshman and top scorer Jean-Paul LaFontaine got on the board in a big way with a power-play goal that tied the game at 8:10 of the third period. LaFontaine put a close-range shot upstairs over Massa off the rebound of a Matt Leitner shot. Hayes also assisted on the goal. However, that was MSU's only goal on 41 shots, including 16 in the first period alone.

Quote of the night: "That was tough to swallow. We had so many Grade A chances that we didn't score on, and we took too many penalties." MSU senior forward Michael Dorr.

Read The Free Press game story here.

Around the WCHA: Wisconsin 4, Anchorage 0 ... Duluth 2, Alabama Huntsville 1 ... Colorado College 2, Minnesota 1 ... St. Cloud State 3, North Dakota 1


BIGhkyfan said...


If I had not been at the game, nor seen the video highlights on the UNO site, your journalism would lead one to believe the Mavs player in this incident had done something wrong.

You write;

Minnesota State’s Evan Mosey crashed into Massa as the defenseman skated in hard with an Omaha defender toward a loose puck in front of the crease.

If you watch the UNO video. MSU's Mosey was "gliding" in from the blue line (by definition, gliding is not skating hard) and was checked (possible slew-foot) by #2? into the UNO goalie while going for a pass from Hayes. The video also shows how the two players appeared to collide head-to-head. The video also shows, ZERO retaliation by UNO.

Perhaps a post game interview with a team captain or player involved would have provided details for a more accurate article?

With everything going on in hockey as it relates to questionable hits, injuries and suspensions, accurate journalism is a must.

MSU nor this player needs attention drawn to a non-event. The original post game blog and Free Press article as written do draw attention.

Now, if you want to use journalism for its intent. Write about the Kristo hit last week and lack of league actions. That video reveals the true intent of that hit!

Thank you

Shane Frederick said...

I don't believe I implied that Mosey intended to injury the goalie.

Both players were going hard after a loose puck in front, and there was a collision in the goal. I wrote on the blog that there did not appear to be anything dirty about the play ant that there wasn't any retaliation by Omaha.

Also, this was not a non-event. The goalie was taken off the ice on a stretcher.

BIGhkyfan said...

Your use of words implied things noted above.

I did not use the word "dirty" and the points I made you completely avoided in your reply. It appears that SPIN can be used as seen fit.

Either my interpretations of your writings are way off, or your writings can be interpreted as the reader/writer sees fit? "Free Press" indeed.