Friday, January 20, 2012

MSU vs. Nebraska Omaha — Game 1 live blog

Tonight's lines are posted below the live chat.

23-Dorr     19-Lehrke     25-Hayes
12-LaFontaine     18-Leitner     8-Gaede
24-Mueller     26-Schiller     14-Jokinen
22-McInnis     29-Zuck     9-Louwerse

16-Elbrecht     2-Nelson
7-Palmquist     17-Mosey
3-Cooper     10-Knoll  


Scratches: Burkemper (inj.), Grant (inj.), Heath (inj.), Lee (inj.), Stern (inj.), Stern (inj.), Thauwald

17-Broadhurst     12-Montpetit     15-Archibald
19-Walters     11-Megna     21-White
23-Searfoss     25-Gwidt     22-Schmit
9-Polk     16-Krause     13-Raubenheimer

7-Young     24-Aneloski
8-Megna     5-Ensign
2-Smith     28-O'Rourke


Referees: Matt Ulwelling, Craig Welker. Linesmen: Jarod Moen, Brandon Polich  

1 comment:

MSU Grad 97 said...

It has become fairly clear that the refs are going to make a bad call every time there is any question with these soon-to-be outside the WCHA teams. Home team calls have not been there. That being said, MSU has got to get over it, play PO'ed, and take it to the opponent rather than letting the other team in stripes bring them down. Too many of these have come lately, time to man up and take it from both of the other teams!