Thursday, December 1, 2011

Programming note

The Minnesota State vs. Minnesota series will be broadcast on Fox Sports North this weekend. However, there is a conflict with the Minnesota Wild game, so you might have to do some sleuthing to find the Mavericks on TV, as it will be on an alternate channel.

Read more and see the entire state alt-channel lineup here, but in the Mankato area, you should be able see the game on the following channels:

• Charter 890 (fixed) 980
• Hickory Tech 1
• DirecTV 675 (675-1 for HD)
• Dish Network 450 (9573 for HD)


hockeyfan said...

Shane are you sure about this. The Mavs should be on Fox College Sports North. Is that different than the Fox station you are referencing? Thanks

Shane Frederick said...

I'm not sure. I went off the press release that I linked to. I'm not aware of Fox College Sports.

Chris said...

Both games on both Fox Sports North(or their alt-channel Friday night) for people that live in FSN territory, and on Fox College Sports nationally for anyone that has that as part of their cable package.

crossjcek said...

I punch 890 on my charter remote and get an on demand prompt for playboy premium. I'll bet FCS, which charter doubled the price on the sports package a couple of months ago.

Shane Frederick said...

Oops, crossjcek. My bad. I'm glad you checked. I transposed a couple of numbers. It should be 980.

crossjcek said...

That's better than FCS, I don't even have to buy the sports package until the post season! Thanks for looking into it.