Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skeleton crew

The hits just keep on coming for MSU.

Add Mike Dorr's name to the growing list of injured players who won't be going to Denver this weekend. The Mavericks will get Zach Lehrke and Josh Nelson back. But the list of those staying behind looks like this: Dorr, Tyler Elbrecht, J.P. Burkemper, Max Gaede, Danny Heath and Eriah Hayes. Yikes!

The Mavericks will have enough players to field an full team — 12 forwards, six defensemen and two goalies —but will take no extra skaters (third-string goalie Evan Karambelas will make the trip ... hey, if needed, can he skate out?).

"We've got 20 guys we can put on the ice," coach Troy Jutting said. "All those guys are hockey players. They've all been players. We're going to go play hockey."

The short-handed Mavericks will be playing the nation's third-ranked team and conference-favorite. Also, they have not won in Denver since 2003, going 0-12-2 since then, including two close losses in the WCHA playoffs last March. Remember: The Pioneers led those games a total of 2:25, but it was enough time to sweep.

"There's nobody who's going to go into that game who thinks we can win more than me," Jutting said. "We're not just going out there for a plane ride, that's for sure."

If the Mavericks can survive the weekend health-wise and perhaps come out of it with some points, they will get the next weekend off before resuming play Nov. 4-5 at Michigan Tech. Jutting said he hopes some of the injured players may be ready for that series but made no assurances.


BIGhkyfan said...

Never a more important time for arm-chair quarter backs and critical fans to step up, support and be more positive with this team.
Give-a-way tickets, special student offerings, fill the Verizon Center people.
But mentally, these injuries have to be wearing on players minds every time they make a play.
Whatever the reason, this team is being tested and let's hope they pass.

hockeyfan said...

Shane is it strictly economics that we don't take a injured captain or two along? Seems to me I would take the expense and fly Elbrecht or Dorr for moral support and locker room presence. Just a thought.

Shane Frederick said...

hockeyfan ... I don't know the exact reason. I suppose economics would play a role. Also, I'd say injured players are better off staying behind, going through their rehab and therapy, getting rest and going to class (the team leaves Thursday morning, meaning Thursday and Friday classes are missed). If this were the playoffs, perhaps a senior might get that chance.

BIGhkyfan said...

DU goalie from last year is rehabbing a knew.
So let's take it to their second string goalie.