Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting healthy

Minnesota State looked like a healthier team during practice on Monday afternoon.

Michael Dorr, Eriah Hayes, Max Gaede and J.P. Burkemper all participated in the workout, although afterward, coach Troy Jutting didn't say who, if any, would be ready to play this weekend at Michigan Tech (now ranked No. 16 in the country). My impression is that Dorr and Hayes are head of the others, which would be huge for the Mavs, but I expect to learn more later in the week.

Meanwhile, Chase Grant, Brett Stern, Danny Heath and Tyler Elbrecht were not on the ice. Elbrecht has had his cast removed from his surgically repaired left arm and tweeted that his doctor "is excited about the progress."


MSU Grad 97 said...

Has anyone seen both the MSU hockey and basketball schedules from December to February? They are almost night-for-night the same during both team's conference games. That really will hurt attendance for both programs - the D-I team that is struggling or the D-II team that has had a lot of success; what would you want to watch? I personally would want to see both. How could this have happened?

BIGhkyfan said...

Well MSU Grad, you just confirmed what others have hinted to. That the powers up top do not care about MSU DI mens hockey by such scheduling conflicts. Nor are they thinking about the students or Alum such as yourself.
Time for some real hard journalism Shane to get to the root of the problems with MSU athletics, in particular the mens hockey program! It is not fare to the current and incoming students. It has all the makings of another Alabama-Huntsville situation?
Up to BW'S Wednesday to here what "The Great One" has to say (or not say)with Sully.

Hockey today - gone tomorrow?

MSU Grad 97 said...
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MSU Grad 97 said...

I don't know if I quite agree with the conspiracy that BIGhkyfan proposes, but something certainly is amiss in all of this, which is too bad. I wrote an e-mail to Buisman about this as a hockey season ticket holder, and he said that it is all up to the NSIC and WCHA on their conference scheduling. There is an option to move basketball games up, but that would require both schools to agree according to him. That may certainly be true, but I would think that MSU as one of the biggest and top all-around schools in the NSIC, and as one of the schools who remained loyal to the WCHA, should get a better shake than this.

I hope the athletic department brings this up at their next conference meetings as MSU and Bemidji definitely deserve a better deal than this, or maybe it is time to jump ship in the NSIC. Then maybe they could get the bigger schools in the NSIC to come with them and have 36 football scholarships instead of the 24 required by the current league. This could be sort of a remake of the NCC with perhaps MSU, BSU, Augie, UMD, Winona State, Sioux Falls University, Southwest MN State, MSU-Moorhead, and Concordia-St. Paul. St. Cloud St. is as good as done with football after joining the ill-conceived NCHC, so they would have to be out. Maybe they can go back to the Thursday night/Saturday afternoon basketball games then - that worked pretty great as far as I was concerned. I think MSU is cemented in the WCHA for now, and they should certainly be reminding the head honchos there about their support at every opportunity. The Mavs need to throw their weight around on this issue in both leagues as this is a real bummer for us indoor winter sports fans in more than one sport.