Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free hockey

Saturday's game between Minnesota State and Denver will be available for free online on the Denver Pioneers' official Facebook page. Fans must have an individual Facebook account and must be logged in to view the game. The game begins at 8:07 pm. More information here.


hockeyfan said...

This just gets better. Heard Dorr is out for several weeks. Not sure maybe something to do with shoulder. Shane can you check it out and let us know?

Sam said...

If that's true, this is just unbelievable! It's almost to the point where the Mavericks are going to have to bring in a whole new set of recruits, just to get through this season.

Hopefully a couple of the injured guys can get healthy soon. The Mavs desperately need them.

hockeyfan said...

Heard we have twenty players left counting the goalies. All are going on trip. The problem also becomes that our injury risk to the remaining players goes up when especially the freshman who may not be ready physically to come up against older seasoned players are going to have to play alot . Also the risk to other players that are playing more minutes than normal increases their risk due to fatique. Wait to hear what Shane finds out.

BIGhkyfan said...

Never a more important time for arm-chair quarter backs and critical fans to step up, support and be more positive with this team.
Give-a-way tickets, special student offerings, fill the Verizon Center people.
But mentally, these injuries have to be wearing on players minds every time they make a play.
Whatever the reason, this team is being tested and let's hope they pass.