Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting closer

As Minnesota State men's hockey captain Tyler Elbrecht (@Elbrecht16) tweeted this morning:
It's time to start official practice today. Let's go to work boys. #mavhockey
Yes, starting today, college hockey teams can start practicing. Coaches get two hours a week with their teams until Oct. 1 when regular, daily practices begin. Minnesota State will have an exhibition game in just 18 days, and the Mavericks will kick off the regular season in three weeks and a day (!) at RPI.


Goon said...

Two Hours a week, that is ridiculous. What the heck can they do in two hours of practice?

Shane Frederick said...

That's just for two weeks. Those rules have been in place for a few years. In the past, I believe MSU has had two, 1-hour sessions with the coaches and let the players conduct their own captains skates the rest of the week. I remember Don Lucia last year say the Gophers were doing something like four 30-minute practices with coaches until the official start to the year.

Goon said...

Hockey can't come fast enough.