Friday, July 8, 2011

"Really sneaky back-door deal"

The harshest (public) criticism of the so-called "Super League" has been cast by Alaska-Anchorage athletic director  Steve Cobb who called it a "really sneaky back-door deal." Read more in this piece by the Anchorage Daily News' Beth Bragg. Cobb says that WCHA teams seemed united during their April meetings and the OK was given to invite Notre Dame and Miami into the league.

"Nobody said they were unhappy," Cobb told the Daily News. "We left the April meeting and basically some of them contacted Notre Dame and Miami and said, 'Don't take the WCHA invitation; we're going to invite you to join our super league.'

"I blame everybody for being less than honest with their own league members. It's a really sneaky back-door deal."

Cobb said he will be flying to Minneapolis next week to meet with ADs from the other WCHA leftovers, including Minnesota State, to discuss their future.

Meanwhile, St. Cloud State has said it will not be joining the Super League (there have been rumblings of them being a bubble team as the breakaways await word from Notre Dame). According to the St. Cloud Times' Mick Hatten, SCSU president Earl H. Potter III said the school expected to be involved in Super League talks ... "But as we looked at it we intended to say no." Potter said SCSU wasn't invited to the league but it sounds like officials had access to, as the story says, balance sheets, attendance projections, strength of rivalries and several other items.

"We intend to stay in the WCHA and take a leadership role to continue the legacy of the WCHA," Potter said.

Back to Cobb, the next two years in the league are going to be interesting after reading this quote:

"I'm not offended at all they want to start a conference. I'm very offended at the way it was handled. We've got two years left, and I assume it's going to be very tense and very uncomfortable."


Fire Jutting said...

Greed has found a way to kill the golden goose that was the WCHA.

Combine this realignment and the absolutly pathetic performance of MSU the past few years and it makes you wonder if anyone will show up downtown for a game.

You won't see a sell out at a home game for many, many years.

Sam said...

I think they might as well let the WCHA name die with the dismantling of the league. The WCHA will never come close to being the same.

Whatever the leftover teams decide to do, may I offer up a suggestion for a new league name? How about they call it the Forgotten Universities conference, or the FU Conference for short.