Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's official

The schools in the new Breakaway Conference made it official today, issuing a joint press release announcing the formation of their new league.  The release was three paragraphs long. To read the release click on the link on my Twitter feed at right.


BIGhkyfan said...

"We are pleased to announce that six top NCAA Division I ice hockey programs". Who says they are TOP? They do. They are also beatable and have been by those teams they leave behind.

What is sad about all this and never mentioned that I see, is the effect on the current players and those long term commitment to those remaining WCHA teams. That is most important as these student athletes have given themselves to these university's to find themselves in a very strange situation.

That said, the AD's and coaches of the remaining WCHA teams had better step it up as this is also a direct slap at them. You too have been thrown under the Zamboni and had better improve your programs.

It's been said before, every time MSU laces them up against any of these soon to be orphan WCHA teams, they need to put a hurt on them BIG time. On the score board and physically!!!

Your FANS will support our MSU players. Now let's see the AD and coaches turn it up a notch as well and prove these "top" teams wrong.

puckluck said...

I'm not shocked that North Dakota would do something like this...but I am shocked that North Dakota would actually invite other schools into their party. I think their fans would prefer a one school conference, thereby ensuring a league championship every year!

TMAVS18 said...

You know I wish Buisman would come out n make a comment or something. Us season ticket holders wanna know what options their thinking about.....all I know is we need to act like a D1 hockey program n it starts with Buisman taking the proper steps! I wanna hear from the guy in charge let's go already!

OldTimeHockey said...

Kind of a bum deal how this all shook out. That said, it is way to early to jump on a hater bandwagon as the outcome may have positives at some level. At the same time, unfortunate for players that came here with an expectation to not have that met-add the recruiting that is going on right now-how in the world do you keep this effort up in light of uncertainty.

I heard that Moorhead State is set take the leap-the finances are in place and bussiness relationships hae been cultivated up there....interesting in that this is a bit of history repeating itself back when MSU was D3 playing SCSU and BSU-and with some serious rivalry that has never been recaptured-the venue was more engaged which plays a huge part I think. Fact is, MSU never dove into the WCHA culture and the cost of this, among a few others being outsiders for various reasons-this is the end result...which I dont think comes as too much suprise-at least now.

Venue-it would be cool to have MSU play a game at ASA again and really pack the small house. I realize the seating is less with the remodeling, and their are lots of logistical and financial items to examine-but a pipe dream is always worth sharing.

Shane, have you heard anything on this with Morehead?

Go Mavs!