Saturday, March 5, 2011

WCHA playoffs set

Minnesota State's 4-1 loss to Alaska-Anchorage on Saturday night, coupled with Denver's 3-2 win over St. Cloud State set up a matchup between the Mavericks and the Pioneers in next week's first round of the WCHA playoffs.

Here are all of the first-round series (high seeds host):

1-North Dakota vs. 12-Michigan Tech
2-Denver vs. 11-Minnesota State
3-Nebraska-Omaha vs. 10-Bemidji State
4-Minnesota Duluth vs. 9-St. Cloud State
5-Minnesota vs. 8-Alaska-Anchorage
6-Colorado College vs. 7-Wisconsin

Winners will advance to the WCHA Final Five March 17-19 in St. Paul.


BIGhkyfan said...

Very sad. First I get out bid in the jersey auction, then the Mavs blank the bed. The only senior who showed up to play was Peterson who scored the only weekend goal for the Mavs! We had better see him in the Denver line up as he has what this team is lacking. True charitor.
Where is the leadership on this team? The Mav brass needs to look deep as these kids are not getting what they should from MSU.
My friend got a jersey and those boys seemed so dejected. Why is that?

Fire Jutting said...

Need a coaching change for starters but Kevin doesn't have the guts or brains to do it. Mavs, UAA and Tech are the joke of the WCHA. They are the Timberwolves of D-1 hockey.

rich said...

BIGhkyfan who's jersy did bid on