Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seawolves 4, Mavericks 1

Freddy's three thoughts of the game:

1. Big goal for Brett: Brett Peterson got to dress and the ceremonial start on Saturday since it was Senior Night. It was just the third time in four years at MSU that he got in a game. Back and knee injuries over the years have made him little more than a practice player for the Mavs. But he'll leave school with a goal on his stat sheet, scoring in the second period. The goal made it a 2-1 game and should have sparked the struggling Mavericks. Instead, it ended up being the lone highlight in a disappointing regular-season-ending loss. Peterson always seems to work hard in practice and never complains. Asked what he'll do this week to help his teammates prepare for the playoffs, he said, "To tell you the truth, I hope I made it harder for (coach Troy Jutting to make his lineup)." Nice answer.

2. Scoring struggles: The Mavericks managed just one goal on the weekend, and Peterson's goal broke a stretch of nearly 130 minutes in which MSU failed to score a goal. While the overall effort was better than Friday's 4-0 clunker, the Mavericks will be two and out in Denver next weekend if they can't score. Their power play continues to struggle, and they are 0 for 16 with the man advantage over the last three games — all losses. Seawolves freshman goalie Chris Kamal stopped 31 shots on Saturday and finished the weekend with 66 saves on 67 shots. Said Jutting: "Another player of the week (award) for the goalie who played against us." Phil Cook was in goal for the Mavericks and stopped 23 of 26 shots. Anchorage also had an empty netter.

3. So long, seniors: Saturday's game was the final one in Mankato for six seniors. Besides Peterson, five players with well more than 100 career games said goodbye to the Verizon Wireless Center: Rylan Galiardi, Andy Sackrison, Ben Youds, Kurt Davis and Channing Boe. Only Youds added a point during the series, getting the second assist on Peterson's goal. "It's tough to leave," Youds said after meeting friends and family on the ice after the game (MSU players presented their third jerseys to silent-auction winners). Youds is now focused on taking on Denver and trying to become the first team to get to the WCHA Final Five since 2003. "When we play well, we can play with anybody," he said. "It takes 26 guys."

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Hagar said...

Shane, did you happen to catch the heated exchange between Jutting and the Anchorage coach after Saturday night's game? It looked like Jutting was giving him an earful. Any idea what it was about?

Fire Jutting said...

Terrible team, terrible coaching, terrible program. Feel sorry for you having to cover this team Shane!

LetsGoMavs said...

So many negative things to say right now....I won't even start with them all other to say that as long as Jutting is in charge, we won't see anything better.

On a very positive note, I'm excited for years to come with Chase Grant on the team. I've already been impressed with his play and I got the chance to meet him at the jersey exchange and chat with him. He's a very nice kid, mature, and he's going to be great for the program!

Dave said...

Say what you want about Jutting but this college will not spend more than they are right now and they will not get a better coach than Troy Jutting for the money they are spending...fact!

mavsluver said...

LGM, I spoke to some parents on the ice and was surprised what the SR parents had to say about the quality of coaching. How can this go unnoticed by the top brass?
Dave - you should not have to spend more than $145K a year for a qualified coach. Between the two assistants, one could handle to job. Which one though?
This will never make the Blog or paper from Shane as it continues to be an old boys club.
What do the Blue Liners and Hockey Alum contributors feel?

LetsGoMavs said...

Dave- there are many qualified coaches that would take Jutting's job at his current salary just to be a D1 coach. I do agree however that MSU needs to put more money into the program if they want to be serious in this league. The first steps are to be rid of Jutting and Kevin B.

Mavs- was this your first time talking to people about that? For many years I've heard the same things from all around...all the way to the WCHA employees. I think it hit home to me last year at the Final 5 when someone "higher up" (have to be vague) said to me "You know, the Mavericks have never lost a game...the players that is. Troy Jutting and his mouth and lack of good coaching has lost every game." Exactly.

As far as what does everyone (players, alum, people that have worked in the program, etc.) think...well, I'll just say you probably don't want to know. It'll just make you frustrated.

As far as Shane, he doesn't write about it. I used to get frustrated with that but let's face's his job to cover Mav hockey and if you make the coach mad then there goes your "in". Also, it's his job to report the game and things like that. Some reporters feel critiquing the coach isn't their job. Sometimes I understand that though...given what some other reporters have gone through in other WCHA towns after bashing coaches or players.

mavsluver said...

Hey LGM,

Some very good comments made. We don't know what the program budget is or where it is spent? It could be that it needs some simple adjustments. Heck, with so many MN players whose in state tuition is already very low, they should have the funds available.

That said, are the two people you are talking about changing, in the way of progress? With two years remaining on a contract, is it possible to make a change as you indicate.

When my son played soccer, we had an exit meeting at the end of the season with the club and they also talked to the players. How was your experience here? Did you learn anything/develop? Did you like how the coaches coached? Would you return? Just examples...

I wonder if MSU should do this with ALL sports, not just mens hockey. It would be interesting to hear if what I heard from some parents of senior players on Saturday is the case?

These athletes give a lot to MSU and deserve a fare shake if what those parents said is half true.

Surely someone cares enough about MSU athletes to look into this...

GOOD LUCK in Denver and hope the internet feed works.

Rich said...

I have season tickets for the past 4 years and started going to hockey games in the 2002-2003 season while a sophomore in college. I have been a strong supporter of the squad ever since. Since the 02-03 season, the Mavs have finished 9th, 8th, 7th, 8th, 4th, 8th, 8th and 11th. It is going to make it difficult for me to dish out all that money for season tickets for next year if the university is not committed to winning. For the most part the team has been competitive against all the teams in the conference. However, being competitive doesn't mean victories or putting fans in the stands. Minnesota State should be a team that is competing for home-ice every year and making it to St. Paul for the Final Five I believe there is good talent on the team, maybe it is time for a change.

rich said...


rich said...