Thursday, March 3, 2011

Got my ballot

I received my WCHA ballot for league awards yesterday and need to take some time to study and fill it out. It's due on Saturday, so I may have to use this weekend's games to break a few ties. I imagine that other voters will be doing the same.

Each program in the league has eight ballots -- three for coaches, two for players, two for media and one for the sports information director. We vote on the three all-conference teams, the all-rookie team, player of the year, rookie of the year and coach of the year. (Coaches vote for defensive player of the year.)

Each team can nominate one player for player of the year, and MSU put senior defenseman Kurt Davis on the ballot.

I'll be working on my ballot over the next few days. Like I said on Twitter yesterday, some very good players are going to be left off a lot of ballots this year.

Any advice?

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