Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy stat

This is unbelievable:

Including this weekend's playoff series, Minnesota State is 0-3-1 in its last four games against Denver. In those four games — combined — Denver led a total of 2 minutes, 49 seconds! 

Most of that lead took place on Friday, when Denver went ahead 3-2 with 2:25 remaining in the game.


crossjcek said...

Crazy and painful to think about!

PM said...

C'mon, you've got to be making that up!!

crossjcek said...

Here are the links to the box scores for those four games. Of course if you counted the first two games (3-2) and (6-1) the stat would look different

puckluck said...

hen one looks back on this season, with all the one-goal games, and excruciating last-second losses, you can't help but wonder if the outcome would have been different if one consistent goal scorer could have been found. I also think Tyler Pitlick would have made a world of difference had he chosen to stay for another season.

I look at the other D-1 conferences and see underdogs rise up to challenge for/win their conference: Ferris State a few years ago, Union and even lowly Merrimack. I really want to believe that MSU can do this, too. Keep the faith, fans.

Cheese Boy

hockeyfan said...

Breakdown of the top four D. We have had alot of discussion this year about our D core. I think its important to remember that our top four D are undrafted ( not to anyway indicate not talented) going up against ( in the case of all the big schools) drafted players that will probably play in the NHL. I know we have all debated the value of offensive D vs. defensive D. I believe every team needs a couple of offensive D. They are valuable in certain circumstances especially the powerplay. I broke down the numbers at full strength.

Davis 11 points
Youds 12 points
Boe 6 points
Elbrecht 8 points

Plus minus

Davis even
Youds -7
Boe +9
Elbrecht +5

So with all the excitement over our offensive D , and the defensive guys almost never being mentioned how many of you really thought at full strength that only six points at full stength seperated our D. Also if our pairs could stay together each pair would have the same +/-. It shows that when our offensive D don't have a rock solid deffensive d with them they are not nearly as effective. There are other factors such as the fact the Youds and Elbrecht went up against the first lines all year long. Their job was to stop the other team. If they had played against the second or third lines their numbers would be much bigger. For me Youds is the best two way D on the team but given the numbers he and Davis are better players because of their partners. I don't know much about the new D coming in but I hope with Mosey being here that only one more is offensive and the rest deffensive minded. I hope our forwards score more and take some of the pressure off so the D don't feel like they have to carry us. Alot of the exhaustion and frustration by fans about the D would not accure if the D could play D and not have to play forward too. They would have alot more gas at the end of games.

PM said...

I will take a skating/puck handling defenseman every time. The points he may generate is a bonus. It's the ability to move the puck out the zone that is crucial. Then add an immovable body like Kilburg and a tree with the wing span of Elbrecht and that's the making of a well rounded defense.

And for those who think Youds and Davis were the problem. Mosey is cut from the same cloth and I think has even more raw talent then those two. He played his best two games of the year against Duluth. He's got more speed, better shot and can take the body.

I just pray that Jutting can pull off another 4th place miracle in the next two years just so he can dangle that contract extension in front of LGM.

hockeyfan said...

I think all of our D for the most part can make a good first pass out of the zone or up to the winger. What has really been the problem is the winger letting the pass go off their stick and not handling the puck. At times we have to break the puck out two or three times in the same sequence because forwards don't handle the pass.

Sam said...

I think hockeyfan just hit the nail on the head. One glaring thing that sticks out when comparing the Mavericks to the other teams in the WCHA, is their inability to handle a pass.

It seems like the rest of the conference's teams have the ability to make the tape to tape pass, at least on a pretty consistent basis.

Mankato is lucky if they can do it a couple times a game. Being able to pull that off would make a world of difference when it comes to creating quality scoring chances and clearing their defensive zone.

LetsGoMavs said...

PM- if you're really hoping for that you have a very sad existance.

PM said...