Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another commitment and other news

Minnesota State received a verbal commitment from Dan Carlson, a 6-1, 201-pound forward who has played for the U.S. National Team Development Program in Ann Arbor, Mich., the last two seasons (U17 last year, U18 this year). A native of Corcoran, Minn., Carlson was also chosen for the 22-player roster that will play in the U18 World Championships in mid-April in Germany. It appears that team is primarily made up of the USNTDP team. It looks like Carlson, who will turn 18 in May is coming to MSU in '12, which means he'll probably play a year of junior hockey first.

Former Maverick and good guy Tim Jackman, who is enjoying his finest season in the NHL, has been honored by the Calgary Flames, who gave him the J.R. McCaig Award. The award goes to a Flames staff member and a player who "best exemplify ... virtues of respect, courtesy and compassion for all individuals." Of Jackman, the Flames' press release called him a "fan favorite" and a "tenacious, determined and hardworking winger who embodies the meaning of this award in his on-ice performance as well as his off-ice actions. Highly respected among his teammates and the definition of friendly and courteous to everyone he encounters."

Another former Maverick, Kael Mouillerat, was named to the ECHL's all-rookie team. In 59 games, Mouillierat has 24 goals, 35 assists and 59 points, ranking second in scoring among all league rookies.

The Hobey Baker's "Hobey Hat Trick" was announced this week, and the finalists for college hockey's are  Boston College's Cam Atikinson, North Dakota's Matt Frattin and Miami's Andy Miele. PucKato is a former Hobey voter (2002-2004) and, if I had a vote this year, would have to go for Frattin. Of course, I've seen him play several times and haven't seen much of the others. Miele leads the nation in scoring, but Frattin not only leads the country in goal scoring but simply seemed to score big goals at big times for the Sioux. Character is one aspect Hobey voters are supposed to consider. Frattin had issues at North Dakota, getting kicked off the team last year. But his road to redemption sure seems to be a lesson lots of young people should learn from. Read more about that in Brad Schlossman's story on Frattin from December.

Folks will get to see Frattin in action next week in St. Paul during the Frozen Four. Minnesota Duluth and Notre Dame will play in Thursday's first semifinal, while North Dakota and Michigan will play in the second. I think it's a pretty intriguing field of western teams. I wrote about that in my Tuesday column for The Free Press. Read that here.


BIGhkyfan said...

So. what is the team doing now? Still working out and skating?

When do they hand out team awards?

I would like to see a couple of Jr's wearing an "A" or "C" next season. Would be better than always giving it to the guys that are leaving.

hockeyfan said...

DeCosta from I belive Merrimack has gone straight to nhl with Ottawa. While I'm sure there are many more there is no way to research it without going individually with every player. But I quess it never happens.LOL

hockeyfan said...

I checked on nhl team and the blackhawks have Kane, Toews who went straight to nhl. Seabrook played 3 ahl games (I would call that straight to the nhl). They also have a few that went straight to the nhl and then after 3 to 10 games went to the ahl. So yes playes do go straight to the NHL. LGM please check your facts before you speak as though you know something ( or maybe the scouts are giving you miss-information)LOL

LetsGoMavs said...

Hockeyfan- first off, if you insist on being so rude to your fellow fans, perhaps you should consider becoming a Sioux fan instead of a Maverick fan. That's their behavior.

I pointed out that I looked for stats and didn't find any at the time. As you pointed out, it's not easy to find. I didn't say an absolute that NO ONE went right to the NHL. Just everything I found said it was RARE to do so. Also, are you seriously putting Youds in the likes of Kane and Toews?!? you crack me up if you really think that. He's a fine player and all, but not in the same ranking of those players to skip the ECHL or AHL and go right to the NHL. They have their finely developed farm systems for a reason.

As for the scouts, did I say that's what we disucssed? Um, no. Character is what I referenced. Big difference...but if you want to continue to pick at that, so be it. I know what is fact and what is not on what I've said so I'm done with that.

So, now I'll go on my merry way cheering for the Mavs and avoiding fans like remind me way to much of the icky Sioux fans I watched fight with each other at the Final 5. I don't care for that crap.

hockeyfan said...

Tell me who are you to judge the character of any player? Are you in the locker room, at practice, on the bus, with them away from the rink? We all know who you are the same great fan that used fowl lanquag with parents of the players, the same fan that has a thing for one of the senior D from last year. If you only knew how that D and others laugh at your every comment.

hockeyfan said...

Checking in on the boys. Galiardi had a good weekend with two assists. Six games ,two pts. Heard he has moved up a line. Boe eight games no points , but has played every game since he got there. Sounds like both are doing well. Maybe next yr we will see one or two banners going up!!

LetsGoMavs said...

Hockeyfan- if you think I have any more interest in any single player other than being a fan you are beyond sick and disturbed. I've been a fan for a very long time and like all true fans, there are players I like (as a FAN) more than others. It's pretty typical and for you to suggest something more is beyond sick.

Further, I could care less about what you or anyone thinks about me. As far as my opinions, some people must care because it's not like I'm never a variety of people. Plain and simple. I'll just leave it at that and I'm done with this topic...and you.

Sorry for such garbage on your blog Shane!

On a side note, are you going to the FF Shane? What are your predictions?

Shane Frederick said...

Hey everybody! I'm shutting down the comments section on this post today for a couple of reasons:

1. Arguing is fine but name-calling/being rude isn't. Time to take a breath and count to 10, folks.

2. I'll be off most of this week and won't be able to check in everyday and police the blog.

3. LGM, yes I'm planning on going to the Frozen Four. Not sure if I'll be blogging from there just yet, but check in to see.

4. My prediction? I love the way North Dakota is playing right now and think the Sioux will win it all. They have a tough matchup with Michigan to start, but the Sioux look like they're on a mission. I think they'll play Duluth in the final. I've seen both UMD and Notre Dame this season, and while MSU beat them both, I'm much more impressed with what the Bulldogs have, especially in Connolly, Connolly and Fontaine.