Monday, February 21, 2011

You want answers?!?!

PucKato will be off for a couple of days, but that doesn't mean you can't jump on the blog and ask a few questions. Ask away in the comments section of this post and I'll answer them on Thursday when I return from some time off.


Nation said...

I have some questions about Matt Leitner. I am hoping to get some insight from Jutting.

1) Is he still on track to join the team next year?

2) Is he playing intramural hockey?

3) What caused Lietner to be intelligible? It seems weird that he could be enrolled at Minnesota State but not able to join the team. Did he attend another college?

Thanks and I hope you get some good info Shane!

Joe said...

1. Who do you think the Mavericks would match up best with for the first round of the playoffs? Who are they probably going to end up playing?

2. What are the odds that they finally break through and make it back to Final Five?

3. Who's the player or players on the Mavericks that need to step up in these next couple of weeks in order for them to make it back to the Final Five?

LetsGoMavs said...

1. Who are your predictions for captians next year?

2. Is MSU going to finally do something special for Senior night or will it be a big dud like always?

It's such a shame that MSU sucks at honoring Senior night. Luckily I'm going to the SCSU/WI game on Saturday so I can actually see a GOOD Senior tribute. MSU should learn from SCSU.

Speaking of that, SCSU is having a jersy auction on Saturday night that I'll be helping my friend get one at. Have you seen them? They're sweet 60's throwbacks. Check them out Shane, being the jersey fan you are I think you'll like them!

alex said...

hey shane do you see anybody leaving the team this offeseason like tyler pitlick and tyler thompson did this past offseason?

i think we matchup best against either cc or the gophers because of our speed what do you think?

when do they release the schedule for next year? do you know who the nonconference oppenents are?

Mavwatcher said...

If the Mavs do end up playing the Gophers, which is a strong possibility, who do you start in net?