Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Want Answers?!?! 02.24.11

The Mavericks are idle this weekend, but PucKato's not! It's time to answer a few of your questions ...

From Nation: I have some questions about Matt Leitner. I am hoping to get some insight from Jutting. 1) Is he still on track to join the team next year? 2) Is he playing intramural hockey? 3) What caused Lietner to be intelligible? It seems weird that he could be enrolled at Minnesota State but not able to join the team. Did he attend another college?  Thanks and I hope you get some good info Shane!

Nation, There hasn't been a lot of info out of the Mavs' camp in regards to Leitner, other than they're counting on him to be a contributor next season. So, to answer your first question, yes, he's on track to play for MSU. I'm not sure what he's doing right now to prepare for that. He talked about playing hockey when and where he can. I'll have to try to track that down. As for your third question, the way I understand it is Leitner's situation is kind of like the old Prop 48 rule. He got into MSU as a special circumstance but has to get his grades to a certain level during his first year before he can join a team.  Leitner did not attend another college, but the California native bounced around from a couple of different high schools while playing junior hockey in Ohio and North Dakota. That may have affected his admission/eligibility.

From Joe: 1. Who do you think the Mavericks would match up best with for the first round of the playoffs? Who are they probably going to end up playing? 2. What are the odds that they finally break through and make it back to Final Five? 3. Who's the player or players on the Mavericks that need to step up in these next couple of weeks in order for them to make it back to the Final Five?

Joe, As for the best matchup, it's probably Colorado College, although I'm not sure we'll see that matchup. Perhaps it's the Gophers, whom they swept earlier this year. Really, they've played everybody in the top six pretty tough, with the exception of Omaha, but that was a long time ago, and the Mavs were pretty beat up that weekend. It's still pretty wide open as to where they'll go. Let's see what happens this weekend, and perhaps things will shake out a bit. As for the Final Five, they'll have a chance, no matter who they play. Almost every game they've played since Thanksgiving has been close, a lot of one-goal games. They won't be pushovers. Who has to step up? Michael Dorr needs to find his scoring touch and be a real dangerous player. I like the way Eriah Hayes has played over the last two weeks, and he'll have to keep that up. But to use a Jutting-ism, it has to be the seniors. The old guys nearly pulled MSU through last year at St. Cloud State. This year, it's time for those senior D, as well as Rylan Galiardi and Andrew Sackrison to lead the way.

From Let'sGoMavs: 1. Who are your predictions for captians next year? 2. Is MSU going to finally do something special for Senior night or will it be a big dud like always? It's such a shame that MSU sucks at honoring Senior night. Luckily I'm going to the SCSU/WI game on Saturday so I can actually see a GOOD Senior tribute. MSU should learn from SCSU. Speaking of that, SCSU is having a jersy auction on Saturday night that I'll be helping my friend get one at. Have you seen them? They're sweet 60's throwbacks. Check them out Shane, being the jersey fan you are I think you'll like them!

LGM, Your first question is a good one. I looked over the junior class, and put Dorr at the top of my list. I like the roles that Mueller and Schiller took on this year and can see them being great examples on the ice. Hayes and Elbrecht seem to be respected guys in the next class. Many people think Chase Grant's going to wear the "C" someday; is he ready for an "A" as a sophomore, like Ryan McKelvie many years back? I don't get to go in the locker room, though, so it's hard to know how those players are "in the room." Should be interesting. As for your next topic, I'm not sure what the Mavs' plans are for Senior Night. I'm not real big on those types of ceremonies. A little introduction and ovation seems sufficient to me, and them let them play. Hopefully, then, they put on a performance worthy of their final game in Mankato. To see more on those St. Cloud State jerseys, go here

From Alex: Hey shane do you see anybody leaving the team this offeseason like tyler pitlick and tyler thompson did this past offseason? i think we matchup best against either cc or the gophers because of our speed what do you think? When do they release the schedule for next year? do you know who the nonconference oppenents are?

Alex, I don't see anyone leaving in the offseason, certainly not for Major Junior, like Pitlick did. I dont' think there free agents ready to turn pro, either. This seems to be a pretty good group, and I expect everyone to return. I think the Mavericks would be fine with CC or Minnesota, as I mentioned before. As for the schedule, it usually comes out in May. They will play at RPI and will host UMass-Lowell. I'm not certain on their other nonconference opponents, Huntsville maybe?

From Mavwatcher: If the Mavs do end up playing the Gophers, which is a strong possibility, who do you start in net?

No matter who the Mavs play, I'm inclined to go with Lee right now, just based on how he's played the last few starts. However, with this week off, I'll be curious to see what happens against Anchorage next week. That series may determine who goes through the playoffs. Maybe they'll use both. Cook is 2-0 against Minnesota, and Lee is 1-1 against the Gophers.

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