Monday, January 10, 2011

Peterson plays

Pat Christman photo
Mavericks senior forward Brett Peterson played in Saturday night's game against American International. It was the second time he's dressed for a game in his career and most likely his last. ("You never know, but that's the mentality I had," he said.) Back and knee problems hampered his development to the point where he was told he probably wasn't going to play for the Mavericks. However, his attitude and work ethic continue to make him welcome on the MSU roster, and he shows up to the rink every day, dons his teal, fifth-line jersey and practices as hard as anybody on the team. He said he just enjoys playing hockey every day. "He's an extremely positive influence or our hockey team," coach Troy Jutting said. "While he hasn't played in many games, he helps our team get better on a daily basis."

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