Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mavs get D commitment

According to Chris Heisenberg's college-hockey recruiting site, Minnesota State recently got a commitment form Albert Junior Hockey League defenseman Mat Knoll. Knoll, a 1990 birthdate from Edmonton, plays for the Spruce Grove Saints. He's a 6-foot-0, 180-pounder who has four goals and 15 assists in 43 games.

He spent the previous two seasons with the Lloydminster Bobcats of the AJHL, compiling eight goals and 28 assists in 112 games.

Someone on the live blog last night was wondering what their D lineup will look like next year. Very different, that's for sure with three players graduating. The vets will be Cooper, Elbrecht, Mosey, Nelson and Heath (one senior, one two juniors, two sophs), with newcomers Palmquist, Stern and Knoll.


VoiceOfReason said...

Yes, it's way early. But here's who I roll with Oct. 7 at RIT.


Plenty of depth at center, as under this scenario, Leivermann, Lafontaine and McInnis are all capable of playing in the middle, as is Lehrke. I love the top line because I think Gaede is going to be a special player. Zuck has grown into a very nice playmaker this season. Put him between a two-way forward like Grant and a grinder like Hayes and I think there is a nice mixture. Nobody will outwork a Mueller and Schiller line and if you can find another skater to go with them (Zach Harrison2.0, where are you?), that may be the line you play against the other team's top line. Even if Leitner doesn't come back, plenty of depth at center. Burkemper has shown he can play this year and Louwerse has experience.


If Heath can take a step this offseason and become the player Maverick coaches have been talking about for the last two years, this group could very well be the strength of the team next season. Elbrecht, Cooper and Stern are all rock solid defensive defensemen. Sternquist and Mosey are in the mold of Davis and Youds while Heath is a solid two-way guy.


Plenty of experience to help offset the lack of it in the d-core. It'll be interesting to see what MSU has in Evan Karambelas. Phil Cook's style with Austin Lee's pedigree? Perhaps.

VoiceOfReason said...

Oct. 7 at RPI, not RIT. I get confused easily.

hockeyfan said...

I think Nelson instead of Heath. Nelson will continue into a good two way D man. Still would like us to get one more 6' 3' or better D man with some on ice attitude.

VoiceOfReason said...

And I meant PALMQUIST. Man I wasn't thinking this morning. Although, I suppose if you crossed Stern and Palmquist, you'd have one hell of a defenseman. ;-)

Sam said...

I like the look of your line-up VOR. I do think that J.P LaFontaine needs to be on the ice, though. That kid is a wonderful playmaker, and I think he's going to be awfully special too.