Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dorr garners national honor

Inside College Hockey named Michael Dorr as its national player of the week after his performance in the Mavericks' Shillelagh Tournament over the weekend.

Since transferring to Minnesota State and becoming eligible just over one calendar year ago, Dorr has played in 42 games for the Mavericks, compiling 12 goals and 19 assists for 31 points.

Meanwhile, the Mavericks must have turned some heads with their wins in suburban Chicago but it was still not enough to eke into the top 20. Perhaps it's because of their .500 record (8-8-4). Perhaps it's because teams like Quinnipiac (sweeping Nebraska-Omaha) and St. Cloud State (beating Miami in a Florida tournament) also pulled off upsets over the holidays. But MSU did get some votes --15 points to be exact -- enough to put them 26th in the country.

By the way, here is a home video of Dorr's game-winning goal from Saturday's game against Notre Dame. It came with 22.9 seconds left in regulation:


hockeyfan said...

Congratulations to Dorr and the whole team. They really put in a strong effort and it was rewarded. I am curious to lack of positive comments on the articles. Could it be that all the coach and team critics have been silenced?

hockey25 said...

4 of us MSU alums made the trip down to Chicago. We all thought the Mavs played well, some weak goals allowed, but all in all a great weekend. Always nice to see 11 goals scored in 2 games. I was surprised by the low attendance. We had great seats the whole weekend, 9 rows up from the penalty box.

BIGhkyfan said...

congrats boys. a well earned outcome.

Seems the chemistry is working properly and nice to see the D with some timely scoring as well as recent slumping forwards.

Makes for a Happy New year Mavs Fans...

LetsGoMavs said...

Hockeyfan- nope, I'm guessing many people are busy with post holiday work, like myself.

Winning in Chicago was huge but face it, one tourney win and an upset here and there aren't reasons to keep Jutting around. You're starting to sound like the AD, who justified keeping him off of a probationary contract just because the team swept the Gophers basically....nevermind that he didn't make over half of the goals set out for him from what I've been told.

Let's just see where the Mavs are come the Final 5 and then you can start calling out the people that call Jutting out.

Jeremiah said...

You got one big win vs ND. Brown is awful. Silencing the critics will hopefully come with a) home playoff series b) final five appearances (more than once a decade) c) national tournament appearances (more than once a decade). The team is headed in the right direction it seems. Take care of business against sisters of the poor this weekend and see what damage you can do in the second half against a pretty tough remaining WCHA schedule.

Go Mavs!

hockeyfan said...

So winning six of the last eight is still not good enough? Lets see we have two draft picks most of the top teams have ten to twenty. Yet we compete for the most part every game ( only a couple exceptions this year). Yes I would love to see us go deep in the playoffs but no if we don't I am not going to blame the coaches players unless the effort is not there. If the effort is there thats all that counts. The boys are on good roll right now with the last two losses coming at the hands of UND by one goal. UND is probably the best team in the county. Yale being number one is a joke since they play almost no-one. All I was trying to point out in my previous post is that criticize when they play poorly but you should be praising when they play well.

Jeremiah said...
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MSUMaverickFan said...

Your post illustrates, in my opinion, what is wrong with the state of the team and its fan base in recent years. The level of apathy surrounding the team is surely rising. Our D1 honeymoon is well over, and the lack of overall success has the team hanging in the balance. The Mavs always seem to attain minor success. Every season in recent memory has at one point or another seen the team come up with big weekends or nice stretches of play, but in the end fall short of any real sizable achievement. This is a problem, no matter which way you slice it. I'm glad someone brought up the decade in review. One NCAA appearance, and one final five appearance in the same year. As the program continues to grow and mature, you would like to see things trending upwards. I can't say that is the case, we're on a plateau of mediocrity.

hockeyfan, I do agree with some of your points. All things considered, it's still an exciting product, and I'm still fanatic about the Mavs. But no, six out of eight is hardly good enough when you consider the big picture. It's a start, and maybe a tease. Recent performances indicate that our squad is capable. Now it's time to break the trend and actually do something. Like it or not, a program is ultimately judged by postseason success.

On a brighter note, I'm happy with the weekend, and hope that the experience will prove valuable later in the year, in certain bigger and better tournaments.

Go Mavs!