Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Want Answers (mid-season edition)

It's the halfway point of the Mavericks season. Seems like a good time to answer your questions about this team. It's been an interesting first half, with the early ties, the long road trip, the rough loss at Denver, the brilliant sweep over Minnesota and the close-but-no-cigar series against North Dakota. So ask away in the comments section of this post, and, I'll answer the questions in a Thursday update.


Jeff said...

Shane, Do you think that MSU has some kind of mental block against UND? The current streak against them is eerily reminiscent to the streak against the U of M. The Mavs always play them tough, but find a way to give up that one last goal to the Sioux or just miss the one crucial goal that would win the game. It's like watching a bad movie over and over again and not being able to turn the TV off.

Sam said...

1) Another poster said he saw Matt Leitner on the bench this past weekend. Any truth to that? Is that normal when you're academically ineligible?

2) What is it going to take for the Mavericks to get to the level of consistency (nationally ranked, runs to the Final Five, a national tourney berth or two) that schools like Duluth and St. Cloud have shown over the years? To me, there is no reason they should be consistently better than us. What's your take on that?

alex said...

1. what happened to tyler thompson, why isn't he on the team this year? and it seems the team really misses a skater like tyler pitlick out on the ice

2. it seems like the team really missed grant and cook in saturday's game, are the injuries going to be long term?

3. what is going on with the play of evan mosey lately? seems like he is lacking confidence out there and he did not look like a D1 defenseman out on the ice on saturday.