Friday, December 3, 2010

Crystal ball time

Normally, I'm not one to do predictions going into a college-hockey weekend. I have no real reason for this, other than I'm lazy and that the WCHA tends to be rather unpredictable. But this week, the Star Tribune's Gopher writer, Roman Augustoviz, asked me to go head to head with him on his blog in his weekly prediction post. Every week, Roman picks a different college-hockey follower to square off with and, since the Mavericks are hosting the Gophers this weekend, he challenged me. 

Already, I've been ripped for picking a tie in one series and basically called a homer in a reader comment for picking MSU to win one game. Sheesh! Maybe that's why I've avoided the prognostication business. Anyway, you can read my comments on each series on Roman's blog (might as well give him a plug), but I'll give you my picks here:

Minnesota at Minnesota State: series split (Roman's pick: Minny sweep)
Denver at Minnesota Duluth: split (Roman: Duluth sweep)
Wisconsin at Alaska Anchorage: Sconnie with three points (Roman: split)
Colorado College at Michigan Tech: split (Roman: split)
St. Cloud State at North Dakota: Sioux sweep (Roman: split)
Nebraska-Omaha at Bemidji State: UNO sweep (Roman: UNO sweep)

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