Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You want answers?!?!?

It's Gopher week. There's home hockey in Mankato. Must be time for another edition of YWA?!?! Post your question in the comments section of this blog post, and I'll try to answer them in a Thursday afternoon/evening post.


Sam said...

1) Will Austin Lee get another shot in goal this weekend?

2) Was the Mavericks sweep of UMass-Lowell a result of improved play on their part, or simply because they played a terrible Redhawks team?

PMNEwinski said...
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alex said...

will mike louwerse be back in the lineup?

will jutting play both goalies this weekend?

any injuries heading into the weekend?

hockey25 said...

What is with the White “Maverick" Hardhat some of the players wear after games for interviews? Cook did it after the win against UAA and Lehrke did the same after the win Saturday at Lowell.

LetsGoMavs said...

What's the status of Ben Youds?

Any feedback on why Leiverman isn't playing lately?

MSUMaverickFan said...

Any idea what the ticket availability is for the weekend Can we expect sellouts?

Troy mentioned that there would be some changes made to the power play systems. Any specifics that you can elaborate on? Different systems, different personnel or both?

It's a big weekend! Let's rejuvenate the season, and the fanbase with some big home wins in the coming weeks!

Hoc said...

I can't believe you don't play the goalie that beat the Gophers last year when you have a history of losing to the Gophers. Go figure.