Saturday, November 13, 2010

Denver 6, MSU 1

Freddy's three thoughts of the game ...

1. Magness-itis: Minnesota State hasn't won in Denver since Jan. 18, 2003. The Mavericks are 0-10-2 at Magness Arena since then, suffering some heartbreaking losses (like Friday's 3-2 defeat) and some real stinkers (like Saturday's game). After a strong 10-12 minutes to start the game, everything fell apart for the Mavericks, as Denver scored three times in the final five minutes of the period. For the game, MSU allowed two 5x3 power-play goals, a short-hander, a goal in the final minute of the first period and a goal in the first minute of the third. The loss might not have been as bad as the 7-0 loss in Denver in 2007, but the mood was similar. "Yeah, this is about as frustrated as I've ever been in four years," Ben Youds said. "I can't remember the last time it stung this bad. ... It's definitely not a feeling you want to feel too often."

2. Break time: The Mavericks are idle next weekend and it probably couldn't come at a better time. They are now 1-4-1 on this crazy road trip, but winless in the last five games. They have two more road games coming -- at UMass-Lowell over Thanksgiving weekend -- but at least they get a break this week. "We need it," coach Troy Jutting said. "We need it bad. With this travel, it's time for us to get a break." Jutting said he hadn't decided on this week's practice schedule yet. Said Youds: "We need to have a good week of practice and regroup. ... We need to get back to basics."

3. Look out for DU: This wasn't all on Minnesota State, of course. There was another team out on the ice -- one that actually did take advantage of its power plays (MSU was 0 for 7 and 0 for 14 for the weekend) and scoring chances. Denver was motivated after suffering its worst loss since 1997 a week ago (9-2 to Colorado College). Luke Salazar and Anthony Maiani each scored two goals on Saturday, and freshman defenseman David Makowski had a four-point game (one goal, three assists), likely securing WCHA rookie of the week honors by adding that performance to Friday's game-winning goal.

Read the box score here.


Nation said...

3 seniors on defense. 44 goals against in 12 games. That is all that needs to be said. It is the Defense of the Mavericks that has put them in the hole. It was suppose to be our strong point. It is the worst part of our game followed closely by the power play which is on Jutting.

LetsGoMavs said...

Nation- the D men can only do so much. We need some forwards that play their part defensively too. I don't know when the mind set of the forwards changed but many of them seem to think their job is to only carry the puck and score goals. Most of them are being LAZY and it's getting old. What happened to the grinders that MSU used to produce and the hard driven forwards? Right now it seems as though the forwards are a bunch of primadonnas that just want to get the perfect pass to shoot and score. Heaven forbid they should WORK for it!

BIGhkyfan said...

Nation, you make a point that we have seen mentioned before and those 3 + 1 are simply over played. However, LGM makes a point regarding forwards. Two of our D were top scorers last season, so why not pick-up where they left off? The forwards this season are not playing like those of last season. It's not a talent issue, rather a work ethic. You have to pay the price and do the little things up front to make it happen.
Coach says he is about to make PP changes, let's hope they are the proper changes.
They should also change the starting D core as they have been starters all season. Keep making changes until you find who is willing to pay the price and do what it takes. We have players that CAN get it done and perhaps if they get some ice time, they can prove it.
Perhaps a weekend off can be used for the boys to rest.

hockeyfan said...

I was at both games in Omaha and watched both in Denver. Also talked with players after films were reviewed and you can keep blaming the D but it is clearly the forwards not back checking or picking up D breaking in from the point that is the problem. We have in reality only had a couple D breakdown mostly from D overskating and overhandling the puck. I'm curious how two D are supposed to always stop three or four guys coming at them? They stop enough of them , they are not going to stop all of them. Or if they are covering in front and a third guy comes into the front of the net. They can't cover everyone. Forwards are supposed to pick those guys up and its clear they are not. Our D are doing a good job given the circumtances. They are not supermen. And what difference does it make anyway if we don't score goals?

crossjcek said...

this TEAM needs to figure it out. The coach, offense and the defense need to play as a team and figure it out or there will be even more empty seats at the cell. Sure TJ will still anounce 3500 PAYED attendance but the empty seats will tell the story. I agree we are missing the grinders and everyday d-men we had when this team would compete in every, or at least most, games.