Thursday, October 14, 2010

You want answers, U.P. edition

From Sam: 1) What did you think of the power play over the weekend? To me it looked great on Friday, but a bit lackluster on Saturday. ... 2) To me, a big part of the problem on Saturday, at least when it came to the power play, was absence of Zach Lehrke. I thought he looked excellent on Friday. Any explanation for him sitting on Saturday, other than to give another player some ice time? ... 3) Will we be seeing Austin Lee in goal on Friday? ... 4) How serious is Evan Mosey's injury?

Sam, the power play did look great Friday. They moved the puck around with ease and had a couple of scoring chances during the 5-minute major. However, they were credited with just three shots on goal during PP time. One of those shots was Mike Dorr's goal. On Saturday, they had eight power plays with 13 shots and no goals but they never really got it set up. I thought the power play in OT was a mess. ... I think you're onto something about Lehrke. He'll be back in the lineup on Friday and, I expect, back on the PP. I like what I saw from him there. As for him sitting on Saturday, I think it was to give John McInnis a chance to play. They need to see everyone early if they can. ... As for the goalies, I would guess both guys get a chance to play but Jutting did not commit to his Friday starter before the team left for Houghton. ... Mosey did not practice this week and is not on the trip. I think they'll take it easy with him and make sure he's 100 percent before getting him back out there. I don't think it's a long-term thing, though.

From Nation: 1) Who are the extra players making the trip to Michigan? ... 2) What do you think of J.P. Burkemper? The coaches seem to be high on him. ... 3) Which rookie did you think played the best or impressed you the most over the weekend?

Nation, the extra guys on the trip are Leivermann and Heath, which means rookie Josh Nelson will play on defense again as he did last Saturday. Nelson is ahead of Heath at that spot because of their junior experience. Nelson played more than 100 junior games over the last two years while injuries limited Heath to just 27 over that same time. ... I wrote a bit about Burkemper on the blog last week. He sure had a nice opening weekend. He probably came in as the least-heralded freshman forward. But he's got good size and can skate. Players were raving about him during captains practices, too. ... I thought all of the freshman had nice moments. Leivermann's goal certainly was impressive. Burkemper made the play to set up Saturday's lone goal.

From hockey25: Do you think the Mavs will have a different offensive strategy this year because of the lack of proven scorers?
hockey25, not really. I think the hope is that the veterans take the next step, players like Galiardi, Dorr, Hayes, Louwerse, Jokinen, Schiller, Zuck. They really like the skills the offensive skills the freshmen bring, and defensemen like Youds, Davis and Mosey can really move the puck up the ice.
From Dan Myers: Are the Mavericks' throwback uniforms going to be a Saturday night staple like last year's or were they a one-time thing?
Dan, based on what I've heard, those will be the Saturday-night jerseys.
From MSUMaverickFan: UAA's star defenseman Kane Lafranchise was recently ruled academically ineligible for the first half of the season. How is this situation different from Matt Lietner's? Is there any hope that he could become eligible for the second half of the season?
MSUMaverickFan, even if they could get Leitner eligible by the semester break, I doubt they'd play him because he can't even practice with the team right now. He wouldn't be ready to play. They're best off letting him get his academics in order and be ready to go next fall. I'm hoping do more on Leitner later this year.

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