Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You want answers?!?! It's a new season

It's time for this season's first installment of You Want Answers, where you ask a question about Minnesota State hockey (or anything else on your mind) and I'll answer. Post your questions on Tuesday and Wednesday (use the comments section on this post), and I'll answer them on Thursday.


Sam said...

1) What did you think of the power play over the weekend? To me it looked great on Friday, but a bit lackluster on Saturday.

2) To me, a big part of the problem on Saturday, at least when it came to the power play, was absence of Zach Lehrke. I thought he looked excellent on Friday. Any explanation for him sitting on Saturday, other than to give another player some ice time?

3) Will we be seeing Austin Lee in goal on Friday?

4) How serious is Evan Mosey's injury?

Nation said...

1) Who are the extra players making the trip to Michigan?

2) What do you think of J.P. Burkemper? The coaches seem to be high on him.

3) Which rookie did you think played the best or impressed you the most over the weekend?

hockey25 said...

Do you think the Mavs will have a different offensive strategy this year because of the lack of proven scorers?

Dan Myers said...

Are the Mavericks' throwback uniforms going to be a Saturday night staple like last year's or were they a one-time thing?

MSUMaverickFan said...

UAA's star defenseman Kane Lafranchise was recently ruled academically ineligible for the first half of the season. How is this situation different from Matt Lietner's? Is there any hope that he could become eligible for the second half of the season?