Sunday, October 31, 2010

Denver player suffers neck injury (update)

University of Denver center Jesse Martin suffered three fractures in his neck after getting checked by North Dakota's Brad Malone during a game on Saturday in Grand Forks, N.D. According to the Denver Post's Mike Chambers, Martin was transferred to a Minneapolis hospital and doctors were contemplating whether or not he needed surgery to relieve swelling of the spinal chord.

UPDATE: Martin is in stable condition at Hennepin County Medical Center. and out for the season, according to a DU press release. He has feeling in all of his extremities and will undergo further testing over the next 24 hours to determine whether surgery is necessary.

Read Chambers' blog post here. Video of the hit can be seen here.

According to the report, after getting hit, Martin was knocked unconscious, taken off the ice on a stretcher and moved to a Grand Forks hospital.

Malone wasn't originally penalized for the hit, but officials gave him a five-minute major and a game misconduct for charging while Martin was being attended to.

This is the second time in the last six seasons that a player suffered broken bones in his neck in a game between DU and UND. After a hit during the '06 Frozen Four, Sioux's Robbie Bina had to have surgery to repair broken vertebra after getting hit by the Pioneers' Geoff Paukovich. Bina returned to the ice the next season.


Nation said...

Why is the Sioux nickname not history? From what I understood I thought it had to be gone at the beginning of the season?

Goon said...

UND will be the Sioux for the whole season, they are in the process of transitioning away from the Nick Name.

Nation said...

The Mavericks currently only have four committed players for the next couple of years. Should the lack of commitments be a concern?

BIGhkyfan said...

I say no. There are a lot of JR's coming up and I'm sure Todd Knott is actively finding them.

Just look at some of those commitments made to far out from other schools who then get cold feet and have a change of mind.

When we lost that Dietmer(SP) D man the end of 2009. Then the Mavs added Mosey. I don't think he was a commitment was he? And now looks like he might have been a good find. So MSU scouting is key.


SDHockeyfollowr said...

I think it is unfair in your article (Free Press) reviewing the goalies that you did not make it clear that the 8-2 victory in Anchorage last year was with Lee in the nets. Lee was never given the chance to start the second night and Murdock lost 4-1. You also mention that Lee got the next 4 starts, but you leave out the fact that in those starts he swept Michigan Tech, won against the Gophers on their home ice, also, was the only goalie to win against Wisconsin during the season, but lost one game to the Gophers after which he was then replaced by Cook who went on to have no better record than Lee and to lose in the Playoffs. Further, Lee brought his Junior team to the Central Division Title, is the Frank Brimsek award winner of Minnesota, that is the Mr. Hockey of goaltending in the State of Minnesota, and is ranked by the NHL, spent this summer with the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie coach and was invited to the Minnesota Wild training camp. Lee played Colorado College last year to an overtime shutout tie losing in overtime 1-0 when we were on a penalty kill without a penalty kill unit on the ice and he was screened. (Pretty solid for a rookie who sat on a bench for two years.) This year he played Michigan tech to a tie after Cook lost the first night. Sure nobody likes to go home with one point, but it's not easy to win in someone’s barn when they beat you the night before and they are undefeated in the league. Lee was left to clean up after the loss and is ridiculed by the press for a tie because the starter had a loss the night before, yet when that starter has a win and then gets a tie he becomes a hero. Let's look at Lee's history last year: he sweeps Michigan Tech last year doesn't get to play them again, he beats Wisconsin doesn't get to play them again, he beats Alaska doesn't get to play them we see a pattern. I think Lee, a Minnesota kid, deserves better from Mankato.

BIGhkyfan said...

WOW, SD, you write for an SD paper? Blogger?

If not, you should.

You raise some good points, yet left out the "gut feeling" for which the goalie choice has been determined thus far. Pretty scientific if you ask me...

Most important is that this team bonds around each other and gets the job done, who ever plays, whatever positions.

It's a TEAM game.


Mav Fan said...

Last year Lee started in Alaska dominating with an 8-2 victory then got the next 4 starts winning another 3 of those 4 and then went on to beat 4th ranked Bemidji and you say in The Free Press article, "the seeds were planted for Cook to become the Mavericks' No. 1 goalie after the Alaska series." Lee has shown brilliance and confidence in the nets and it sounds like Lee got messed over.

Mavfan4life said...

I am a4 year season ticket holder and diehard Mav fan. I think that Cook gives the Mavs the best chance to win at this point. I fully hope Lee sees as many games as possible and I wish him the best. Before everyone gets upset, remember that Lee lost every overtime game he played in.Awards are great and I like having a player like that, but you win your spot in practice. Rest of the league, watch out for the:

GO MAVS!!!!!!

Nation said...

I agree with Mavfan4life. It's no secret that Lee has trouble controlling his rebounds. Prompting some to to give him the nickname "The Juggler" which I find to be pretty accurate. There is nothing worse than a goalie getting a puck straight at him and letting the puck squirt out for an easy goal.