Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Galiardi gets the 'C,' Boe and Youds are assitants

Minnesota State named its captains today, and senior forward Rylan Galiardi (pictured) will wear the 'C' as team captain. Senior defenseman Channing Boe and Ben Youds will be the Mavericks' assistant captains.

Galiardi has played in 108 games over his first three seasons, scoring 22 goals and compiling 40 assists.

You can read more about the captains here.

Also, MSU has posted more preseason information, as well as an updated roster with player pictures, on its website.


LetsGoMavs said...

More than just a little leery of this choice, as noted in the comment on the previous post, but I guess time will tell. Probably need to be more concerned with who's going to score goals this season? Seems like this is the first season in quite a while that Mavs fans have had to worry about goal scorers. Thoughts? Predictions?

Are you going to share your preseason picks?

LetsGoMavs said...

Also, pretty sure it's ALTERNATE and not assistant for the player that wears the "A". Thus, Boe and Youds are alternate captains.