Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot prospects, more Pitlick talk and Carter waived (updated)

A few Minnesota State hockey players are spending time this summer at NHL prospects camps. That includes players who are free-agent invitees. Here's who's going camping, so far:

Kurt Davis, D, Capitals
Ben Youds, D, Blackhawks
Eriah Hayes, F, Blackhawks
Phil Cook, G, Blackhawks
Rylan Galiardi, F, Coyotes
Justin Jokinen, F, Sabres (draft pick)
Tyler Pitlick, F, Oilers (draft pick/not returning to MSU)

Last summer, D Channing Boe and F Tyler Elbrecht were at camps with Philly and St. Louis. I'll be curious to see if they get another shot to show off. Elbrecht, a St. Louis-area native was at the Blues camp with draft pick Andrew Sackrison and Galiardi.

By the way, Pitlick had some interesting things to say about leaving college on the Oilers website this week, implying that his departure had more to do with academics and focusing on hockey: "For me, a huge thing is, I don't do too well in school. It's tough for me to balance both hockey and school at the same time."

Western College Hockey blogger Chris Dilks answered some questions about Pitlick on an Oilers blog recently, and it's a good read. Interestingly, the questioner accused PucKato of "sour grapes" and called me a "spurned journalist" when I wrote that Pitlick didn't really like the college part of college hockey. No bitterness here. As you can see by the quote above, I was just calling it like I saw it.

Meanwhile, it appears that former Maverick Ryan Carter was put on waivers by the Anaheim Ducks. I'll be curious to see where he lands. There's already some Twitter buzz that the Minnesota Wild, a team that needs centers, might be a good place for him.

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hockeyfan said...

Heard Youds had an outstanding camp with the Blackhawks. Elbrecht was being invited to St.Louis and Colorado but some bad luck that both teams cancelled their camps. Not sure on Boe. Heard Galiardi had a great camp too. Have not heard about the others.