Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pitlick update

I let Ben Bradlee (via Jason Robards) do the talking when I complained earlier today that I (and others) didn't have a definitive on-the-record word that Tyler Pitlick is leaving MSU to play major junior hockey in the Western Hockey League next season. Well, thanks to master web surfer Chris Dilks of Western College Hockey blog -- which this week had an NHL Draft Combine source confirming the departure -- Pitlick has spoken about the move. Read the story here.

"It's more professional style of play," Pitlick told Buzzing the Net blogger Neate Sager. "Plus it would help working through the mental blocks you deal with in a long season, getting through those long bus rides ... that's the biggest thing of my game that I have to work on, getting my body going, getting my legs under me."

Pitlick, who did not return phone calls and text messages from The Free Press when it was reported that he was exploring a move after just one year of college hockey, also said this about playing for the Mavericks:

"It was a good time (at MSU). I met  a lot of good people. I got a lot of opportunities. I got a pretty good shift. I thought I grew a lot as a player."



You are a student first, athlete second, hence the term student-athlete.

Just read his quotes;
"School’s tough for me to balance with hockey. Hockey’s always been No. 1 for me and I wanted to put all my focus on hockey." for the move north.

"It’ll prepare me better for the next level, that was a big reason why I signed," said Pitlick

Last I looked, after Major JR's is Pro. And Pro is looking for smart people, not drop-outs.

You have to wonder who he is getting his advise from about quitting school for a "lottery" shot at what he thinks is the next level.

Hope those advising him have deep pockets if that "lottery" does not go his way.

would like to see what his results were at the combine?


maverick said...

good riddance