Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coaches, commissions trying to stop proposed rules

It sounds like college hockey commissioners and coaches are working quickly to try to stop some of the new, proposed rule changes before they are passed.

Specifically, they are upset about the proposal to ban penalty killers from icing the puck. The Grand Forks Herald talked to North Dakota coach Dave Hakstol and Bemidji State's Tom Serratore, the latter of whom called the rule "a crime," "preposterous," "radical," "drastic," "far-fetched" and "off the wall."

Apparently, all of the coaches voted against the icing rule during their spring meeting in Florida.

College Hockey News reported on Monday that it doesn't expect the icing rule to stay in the proposal. Interestingly, the story says that Alaska athletic director Forrest Carr said he did not expect the rule to make it into the final rule-changes package but members were persuaded by some presentations from commissioners, the NHL and people who play by that rule at USA Hockey camps.

I'm curious to know why the NHL would be pushing such a rule. Does it see college hockey as a good place to observe some rule tinkering without harming its own product and minor league system? If the NHL or one of the minor leagues were playing this way and passing it along I would understand. What is the NHL's interest in college hockey adopting the rule, other than seeing the college game as a guinea pig?

Due to some time off and other assignments, PucKato hasn't had a chance to get MSU coaches' opinions  on the rule proposals. In past conversations with Troy Jutting, he often has stated that he doesn't like the constant tweaking and thinks the game is a pretty good as it's currently played.

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rossmillsap said...

Wow, what a dumb rule, might as well give the goalie two minutes whenever he goes into butterfly position.