Monday, April 19, 2010

Leivermann injured (updated)

Minnesota State recruit and Mankato native Corey Leivermann was injured during Saturday night's USHL playoff game between Fargo and Omaha. Leivermann scored the game-winning goal that night, but shortly after teammate and fellow MSU recruit Matt Leitner scored an empty-net goal, Leivermann was checked hard and had to be taken off the ice on a stretcher.

He needed stitches and suffered a concussion and spent the night in an Omaha hospital. He was released from the hospital on Sunday evening. On Monday, he was home in Mankato and was planning to rejoin his team on Tuesday. However, he will be out for the rest of the  West Division Finals, which continue on Wednesday in Fargo.

Omaha's C.J. Ludwig was given a match penalty for intent to injure as well as a game misconduct for charging. He was suspended for three games, however, Leitner was also suspended for one game.

"There is no doubt we're going to miss Corey for the rest of the series, but we're just glad he's OK," Force coach Steve Johnson said in the Fargo Forum. "Now it's the job of the rest of our team to pick things up, and to pick them up for Corey."

Leivermann had six points, including four goals, in playoff action this season.

Read more about Leivermann in Tuesday's edition of The Free Press.

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BIGhkyfan said...

Team seems deep for next three seasons.

Based on how they finished the season, a lot of good things to come...

Yet not sure how you can keep 3 starting goalies happy...

Work hard this off-season boys while having fun and ready to "hit-it" hard come late August.

WE ALL want you in the Championship next season.