Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You want answers?!?! (playoff edition)

While the Mavericks are preparing for another trip to St. Cloud State, it's time for PucKato to answer your pressing questions about the team, the series, the playoffs and anything else on your mind this week. I'll get to the answers on Thursday afternoon. Use the comments section on this post to ask your questions.


alexander.micheletti said...
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Ian said...

Goaltender for this series - Cook? I say ride the hot hand and Cook hasn't been too bad this year.

Do you sense the seniors are going to step it up a notch knowing this is their last shot at getting to the Final Five?

Only 9 penalties this past weekend... what gives? We usually have that many by he midway point of the 3rd period on a Friday night.

Ian said...
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BIGhkyfan said...

Shane, what are your 3 keys to the game Friday?

watching a practice the other day, it appears that the freshmen/sophomores are stepping it up in the drills.

Do you think Mosey will stay on the pp or even move up? Get more ice as after his goal Saturday, he did not see ice the 3rd or OT? Dog House for? This kid takes the body well and can skate.

Are Cooper and Canz battling for the sixth D spot?

Any Mavs FAN busses making the trip up north.

alex said...

shane do you think the phd line will be the key line in the series vs the huskies? i think pitlick has been coming on strong of late with all the pressure on him

who will be the starting goalies? and will raboin be playing for the huskies?

do you know who isn't making the lineup for the series?