Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pitlick on the move?

Minnesota State men's hockey coach Troy Jutting confirmed on Sunday that Mavericks freshman Tyler Pitlick (pictured) is exploring the possibility of leaving school and forgoing his final three seasons of college eligibility.

"I do know he is looking," Jutting said.

Multiple online reports over the weekend speculated that Pitlick is strongly considering MSU and will be making that decision soon. One report put the likelihood at 90 percent according to an unnamed source.

Jutting didn't put odds on Pitlick's return or departure.

"I really can't clear anything up," Jutting said. "I don't know anything for sure, but it wouldn't shock me (if he leaves)."

Some of the speculation involves Pitlick opting to play major junior hockey in the Western Hockey League, and there's talk that he will visit the Medicine Hat Tigers in the near future in order to weigh his decision. Medicine Hat apparently holds Pitlick's WHL rights.

It's odd timing, considering that Pitlick will be drafted in June, possibly as high as the first round and could wait until he finds out which NHL team drafts him (and hears that team's thoughts for his development -- turn pro, play major junior or play college) before deciding his immediate future. School may be a larger factor in his decision to leave than development.

"It's not like he didn't have success (at MSU)," Jutting said. "It's not like he didn't move up the ladder."

Voice mail and text messages were left with Pitlick on Saturday but neither was returned.

Pitlick finished his first college season with 11 goals and eight assists. He moved up to No. 21 on the NHL Central Scouting Service's midseason list of draft-eligible forwards and defensemen from North America. Clearly, the scouts have been watching him closely, and flocked to watch him play late in the season. Many of the same scouts were seen at all three playoff games between MSU and St. Cloud State. Pitlick (and his line) was pretty good that weekend, too.

Because of his talent and potential, Pitlick probably would not have been long for the college game anyway. Certainly the Mavericks were hoping to get more than one year out of him.

"I'll try to tell him why I think he should stay," Jutting said. "Obviously, I want him to be successful. As much as I think (leaving) would be the wrong decision, I hope everything works out in the future for him."


hockeyfan said...

He's leaving but it sounds like the forwards coming in are really good. Returning D core and Cook developing means we will be fine. We just need some leadership out of the new captains. Good luck Tyler.

Nation said...

I guess I am not that optimistic. We have Galiardi next year and solid defense, we also found a goalie. I feel the same things that bit us this year are what is going to bite us next year. We struggled to score all season. Now we lose our most explosive forward. Jokinen and Sackrison have never played to their full potential, or at least what has been expected of them. If Dorr and Hayes have to play against a teams top line next year that will not be pretty. I hope I am wrong and I hope we have a great season next year but this one really hurts bad.

alex said...

school is tough for him i think

alex said...

i heard he couldn't get into the U, is this true shane?

LetsGoMavs said...

I sincerely wish Pitlick the best of luck. I'm confident he's going to go quick in the draft (I would be surprised if he even makes it to the 2nd round) and will have a great future in hockey.

I sat by a NHL scout at the last game of the year at SCSU who was there to see him and trust me, all of the scouts are drooling over him from what I understand.

Aside from well wishes, I must say though...what is up with some of these athletes not making it in college? I know hockey is demanding on time but really, there is no reason they can't be passing their classes if they try. It's not that hard, speaking as a MSU alum.

I don't know..maybe it's better to bail now than carry on the issues for years like Weslosky did at SCSU, which resulted in him flunking out and going to BSU...which didn't make the Islanders happy. They went on the record saying his future is doubtful with them after the whole deal.

Alexander Parker said...

Please pass this message on to Mr. Pitlick...

If difficulty in class is a factor in your decision, please consider this offer.

I am an intelligent and patient teacher (and MSU alum) who is willing to be your private tutor, free of charge, for the rest of your Maverick career. As much help as you want, I would be willing to give.

This is a completely genuine and serious offer, not a joke in any way.

PS You may contact me at

Alexander Parker


Either he wants to be at MSU or he dos not.

Listened to Paul Kelly on XM yesterday talking about how most NHL teams are looking at players to play NCAA hockey to develop and mature before turning pro. They had the Avs coach talking about how they are looking at player 24/25 more ready for the pro level.

With all of the support available to ALL students, not just athletes, no reason for school to be tough.

MSU needs a TEAM that wants to be there and NEW "leaders" to captain this next season. A blend of vet's and rookies should be considered based on how those players contributed to finish the season.

Start a thread on 2010/2011 captains... Shane, your pick or thoughts based on the returners?

BIGhkyfan said...

Oh boy. The grass is greener on the other side. NOT!

Good luck reaching out Alex.

I agree with Jutt's on this one. He should stay, but if he is not 100% committed to MSU? Don't let the door hit you on the way to "La La Land".

Don't know who is giving him advise (family?), but at least wait until the draft and see what the "real" hockey people feel you should do. I'm sure coach feels the same, get your education and grow physically and mentally. If he were ready to move, coach would endorse as it makes the program look good.

This team was putting it together well late into the season which could equal a good start next season. Specifically, strong goal tending and D (Mosey/Elbrecht both a nice surprise). They each bring something special to the team for the next three years.

Let's dwell on the returners and new guys coming in.

I don't believe TP gave MSU the same chance that MSU gave him.

Weigh in Shane on this and possible captains (true leaders) for next season...

hockeyfan said...

Heard he dropped out of school today.

TunaHead said...

Why would he stay when he's got 3 more years of Jutting to look forward to? This team is going nowhere as long as Troy "Excuses" Jutting is the coach of this team.

hockeyfan said...

I wondered how long it would take for the Juttings haters to show up. Before the school year is out almost every team will lose some kids to the pros so it doesn't have anything to do with the coach. The players I have meet have never indicated they don't enjoy playing for this team. They all seem to have a lot of respect for both coaches. I do hope that the coaches will go through the roster and do what they can to keep these kids around. For some it may be a better scholorship , for some more help in school. I think this is where even alums that played can help. Bring in some guys who left early and think it was not the best decision. I worry more about our D core next year. We are going to lose alot of talent back there. D is the hardest position to learn quickly and we will be very young the next year. God forbid Elbrecht or Mosey were to leave. Glad we are not Denver they may lose their top five guys from the sound of it.

hockeyfan said...

want to clarify. Not worried about D for next yr but the following.